One More for Jesus!

I experienced a Vision during prayer and Worship today.

The vision started with me hearing a loud voice inside of me, saying: «I love you My Son. I have chosen you for My purpose.»

Then I saw myself in a red car on a racing track, doing several laps. At one curve the car started spinning, and went off course. I thought to myself, this testing is allowed to prepare me for the real deal. Next time I approached the same curve, the car just lifted and flew up in the air, approaching something bright. At first I thought it might be the 2nd coming of Christ, but then the car, or I turned and went back to earth again. This time it looked all different, and what I saw was like a scene straight out of a movie. After a while I recognized the movie, it was from the movie: Hacksaw Ridge. Suddenly I found myself climbing up the ladder made by ropes, tied together, and I started running through the war scenery, taking cover from bullets and enemy soldiers. At this point in the vision, I could sense Gods presence over me in a mighty way, and I was filled with The Holy Spirit as I heard myself shout; «One More for You, Jesus! One More!», just like in the movie. I continued to run through the war scenery, but suddenly I spotted a glowing, white figure, not much larger than me, entering the scene in front of me, and I picked up his trail, and continued to run after him. We ended up in front of a wooden cabin in the midst of a dark forest, and the glowing entity went in first, and I followed. I could see people kneeling down and we ministered to them. Suddenly I was out of the cabin again, and from a distanse, I could see heavy armed police moving towards the cabin with their assault rifles locked & loaded. 

Suddenly I could see we gathered together as a group, embracing each other, and suddenly we where lifted up in the air, and the police found the cabin empty. 

That was the vision, and I believe I know what it means. There will come a day of great sorrow, war and persecution, where the remnant of His Church, will be equipped by The Holy Spirit, to perform the greatest miracles known to man. The believers will be led by the Holy Spirit or by angels to people to bear witness about Jesus Christ, or to perform miracles or to heal them, and lead them to Christ before the secret police finds them and tries to force them to renounce Jesus Christ and take the Mark of the Beast. 

There is a constant alarm ringing inside of me, telling me that the World as we know it, might be totally changed in one hour. I don’t know when, but it’s coming closer by the hour, at least that’s what it feels like. 

I do not know if what I saw was something I personally will experience, but it felt so real, and know that this will be the future for those Christians who have readied themselves and kept themselves pure at heart and covered by the Blood of the Lamb (Ram). What God has appointed to me, only He knows. He have called every one of us, and has a unike plan for us. Just let us stay in His perfect will, repent of our sins daily, and be faithful and patient. Jesus is coming soon!

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