Do you heed the warning?

God has continuosly warned His people of the coming disasters, but only few have the ears to listen. This prophetic message given through Byron Searle, really upends the game. The US economy is going to collapse, and so will the world economy. The signs have been there for all to see for a long time, but most people believe the lies of Wall Street.
God promised to Shake All Things, so that only His true believing Church would be left standing. The shakings are coming! The tremblings started July 4th this year, and have continued ever since. Soon the shakings will increase, and the shores of USA will be greatly affected. Please heed the warnings! Ask God for confirmation, because He will answer you if you ask Him. Please – do not brush Gods warnings aside, but pray to Him, and He will help you, and protect you. God bless you!


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