2020 – a Year of Shakings?

One of the last mornings in 2019, I asked God about 2020, and what it’s going to be like, and I saw a brief glimpse of several events through out the world. The first thing I saw was a distant atomic bomb going in a town that looked like New York City, and what happens there, might also affect the US Precident. This event has been predicted by several watchmen and is described as the “Fiery Kickoff Event. The next thing I saw was the spark of civil war in USA, and I believe we will see the first signs of conflict and unrest in Virginia the 20th of January, as the coming legislation will take place there, and attract maybe hundreds of thousands from both sides. For and against gun confiscation laws. What happens in Virginia will probably effect further development in other states, sitting on the fence til after the Virginia rally. Then I saw the Cascadia Subduction Zone fall on the west coast, and a lot despair. My eyes moved to areas of military conflict, starting in the South China Sea, moving to the Middle East, Scandinavia and Europe. If all this is going to happen in 2020, I don’t know, but, what I do know, is that there is going to be unrest and signs in the heavens and the earth before Jesus comes back. Today’s vision corresponds with things I have seen earlier and with what Gods watchmen have predicted, combined with predictions in the word of God. Let’s prepare our hearts for worst case scenario, and stay close to God, with a repentant heart. He will use us to minister to everyone affected by the difficult times ahead, and to bring in the harvest. Don’t be discouraged, but trust in God, what ever happens. Read psalm 91, and thrust in Him – Always! Jesus is coming soon 👑

I would like to tie some other visions and messages from the Lord, that I find most relevant to the year we just entered, and would recommend everyone to read the last blog posts from Byron Searle MOVING BACKWARDS and FORGOTTEN GOD. Also, be kind to check out the last videos from Jeff Byerly The Seeds that were Planted in 2019 shall be Reaped in 2020 and Beyond and Make Sure that “The 2020 Vision” that You have is not a Delusion of Temporal Grandeur from the Enemy I will also recommend the last message from LatterRain333 PROPHETIC MESSAGE FOR 2020!!! and finally this Synopsis of the 2020 Prophetic Service from IgnitedChurchLife.com as they all coincide, and gives mutual confirmation about the year ahead of us. 2020, will most likely become a quite “bumpy” one, and a year of testing for the Church of God. For all true believers, it will draw us closer to Him, but for the false Church it will most likely lead to either repentance or consequences. Be humble, and bend your knees in awe and repentance. Jesus is Coming Soon!

Here is another series of visions from 2019, that I would like to tie to the preparations for 2020. I will not claim that these things will happen in 2020, but whatever will happen this year, will eventually lead up to more severe judgements as these three visions speak about. Take heed. 2020 will be a year of ignition and decision!

During prayer in the morning October 12 2019, I saw three pictures, when I prayed over a prayer request from my sister in Christ Linda Hasche from USA. The things I saw, relates to some of the birth pangs, predicted by Jesus. When His disciples asked about what signs to look for, at the end of the Age, Jesus warned them about pestilences, war and earthquakes. I received three short visions about these predictions by Jesus Christ.

Three pictures about a not so distant future:

The first one was a man bleeding from his mouth. The whole mouth was full of blood, and blood and dark matter ran out from between his teeth.

The second one was a nuclear bomb going off in a city. I believe it was in the USA. I just saw a glimpse of the A-bomb, then a bright flash. Then the shockwave destrying everything I saw in front of the exploding bomb.

The third picture was a long, long row of people walking through a dystopic landskape, that looked kind of what might be the case after a vulcano eruption. The row of people was several miles long, and they walked on a narrow path, one by one, in a very slow pace, and their heads were hanging low…

The Holy Spirit have sounded the alarm, for more than nine months now, and the feeling of urgency have come in waves. The first wave was shock and awe, and it felt like – «It’s happening tomorrow!» Then it came back as strong Spiritual sensations, and I felt like I had to cherish the moment, as we might loose our freedom as a nation. The first experience was during Easter, on Good Friday, and the second time was on the Norwegian Constitution Day, the 17th of May this year. I litterally felt that this Constitution Day, just might be our last as a free nation (I have made a video about the experience). 

And it just continues – wave after wave throughout the summer and fall, with multiple words and confirmations from our Lord and Saviour and His Word. My most common saying this year, have been – Jesus is coming soon, and I believe it is true. 

I also would like to share this vision, seen by Linda, as it points to whats coming and how we can prepare our hearts and spirit.

Here’s that vision that occurred on the property (Destiny Youth Ranch)

9-19-19 ~ (YouTube) VISION: Protection From the LORD – BelieveActs2HARVEST


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