Many times the last year, I have said to the Lord – What a privilege that you have put me into this day and age. When I read Matthew 24 about the Birth Pangs that are predicted, by Jesus himself, to occur in the days before His second coming, I have to pinch my arm. It is literarly being fulfilled before my very eyes. Does it scare me? I have to be honest – Yes it does! When we read the parallel to Matthew 24 in the Book of Revelations, chapter six, and see that approximately 50% of the worlds population will perish and die during these Birth Pangs (This period is also known as the period of the broken seals, or the time of the Four Horsemen), it gives me a hard time breathing. It’s tough! I told my wife the other day, that the feeling I have, now as I see that we are approaching the full opening of the seals, that it feels like driving on the highway, turning a corner, and suddenly discovering that you are the first car entering into a horrific car accident, with multiple vehicles involved. Even though you don’t have the full picture yet, you just know deep inside, that the scenes that is waiting for you will be horrible, and there is no way you can escape it. As the first responder to the emergency area, you are obliged to respond and give first aid to all the people involved. This is how my soul has been prepared by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God the last thirteen months, ever since God woke me up January twelve 2019. All this spiritual preparedness, have forced us to prepare physically and practically, and we also have been lead by God to stock up on some First Aid equipment too.

This morning, when I was having an intimate conversation with God, I saw a picture of a great darkness covering the earth, and I was reminded of the words from Isaiah 60:2-3. I couldn’t remember where to find it at first, so I had to “Duck it” (Yes we prefer DuckDuckGo before Google), and then I stumbled over an article in the Norwegian Christian newspaper Dagen about a pastor in Damascus, Syria, who is living in the midst of war and calamities, serving the people, in every which way they can. Praying for the sick, providing healthcare and medical assistanse, food supplies, and the church have even educated their staff in counseling traumatized refugees. When I read this article, it really was summing up all the things God have put in me and my familys heart to prepare for in the days or maybe years to come. We have also been lead to invest in an old military truck, which is being rebuilt as a field ambulance / mobile health clinic.

I will urge you to read this prophetic word from Byron Searle. I have followed him the last year, and he has been proven right in the predictions God gave him several times already, and now especially the last weeks hoarding of supplies in America. Many details have been proven right, only weeks after God gave him the vision – but the most disturbing parts of the vision is yet to come. When the American Administration issues Martial Law and curfews upon it’s people, then we will witness a nationwide panic, and cities burning all over USA.

If you read this message and thinks, this is just fear mongering, there is nothing I can do about that. But I urge you to pray to God, and to read Matthew 24, Revelations 6, 12-13 and 17-19, because these things are coming, and God wants you to be ready. If you are not ready, you will be a victim, and probably end up in the claws of evil people. “But this will never happen in Norway”, you say. “We live in a democracy!” My answer to that is as follows: Do you remember what happened April 9. 1940? Norway became a dictatorship over night! It can happen again. I hope not, and my prayer is that God will protect our nation, but if USA and Russia goes to war, some parts of Norway will probably be invaded, so also with Sweden.

The main reason for preparing, is so you can be free to serve God. Stay away from evil authorities and be able to help the ones God send in your way. We have to make a choice – prepare now and be free to serve, or ignore the warnings and become a victim. Please take this message to God, and ask him for confirmation. Test it, but also let God test you. God bless!

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