The Final Harvest & the Day of the Lord!

I got a vision November 11. 2019 and it began with a picture from the current day’s news headlines, where I saw the German farmers protesting against Green New Deal-ish or climate-regulations, killing their livelyhood. I saw those green tractors parading side by side all across the European map, coming from the south. Suddenly they turned into grain harvesters, gathering the souls of Europe in one big sweep. Before they reached to the northernmost countries of central Europe, the ground became quite rocky and the blades of the harvesters all crumbled and where smashed to pieces by the rocky ground, and eventually stopped completely. What happened? The drivers jumped off the machines and continued on foot, continuing to harvest the grains manually. I also observed how harvesters came streaming down from Scandinavia and the Nordic countries to hjelp bringing in the harvest. They all met resistance in a way that they just disintegrated, leaving the soil all blood-red. I just saw how the northern part of the continent turned all red, and most of the map just was filled with the blood of the harvest workers. Suddenly I was lifted up in the sky, going upwards in a spiral at enormus speed. Higher and higher I went, just like a rocket, and I was quite curious to see what was waiting for me up in the sky, but I just went up and up and up and up, and the spirals turned more slower for each turn into it finallly stopped, and just kept on floating around, high above the clouds. Suddenly I saw a bright shining King, with a golden crown 👑 riding a bright shining white horse, and behind him followed endless numbers of people like me, all dressed in white shining garments, floating behind the riding King, spread out to both sides like an endless pair of white wings.
We continued straight forward like this for a while, before the riding King stopped at the end of something that looked like a glass floor, all transparent. We stod there waiting, like – forever. And I thought; aren’t we supposed to go down to earth? Suddenly the horse took a leap forward, and the rest of us followed the riding King, strait down, and we followed behind the horse in a tube, form, just like a never ending tail of white saints, following their King. Before we approached earth, we took a turn, just like a plane going in for landing, and we thrusted forward towards earth at trenendous speed. We passed earth close by, and I could se how the earths surfase just cracked open like a field being opened by a plow. We passed the earth, leaving it behind us cracked open across half the planet on the upper half, way behind us. We turned and raced back towards earth with tremendous speed, and this time we spinned around equator just like a whirlwind, around, and around and around, with such speed, that it looked like a white tail from many airplanes spinning around earth, til it shrunk around equator from the pressure. Suddenly the King rised up far above the earth, lifting up His spear, ready for the final sting, and He moved towards earth with such speed and power that it looked like a gigantic atomic bomb going off on top of the globe, when you looked from afar. The King kneeled down, leaning on His spear, before He rose up on the Olive mountain, and every knee bowed before Him. In fact, there where no one left standing after the final hit, the earth took when the King drove the spear into the earth. There the vision ended, with the picture of the King, standing og Mount Olive, looking over His people, all bowing down to His Lordship. Amen!

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