The Triumphal Procession of Christ

This morning I had a vision from God.I heard a strong voice coming from heaven, saying directly to my face:

– “I love you My Son!”

When I looked up, I saw a the head of a great Lion, blinking His eye, an nodding His head, as to say: 

“Come and follow Me!”

Then I heard a loud roaring from the Lion, and I jumped to my feet and followed Him.
When I caught up with the Lion, I saw Him walking with great self esteem in front of a long row of people following Him. The line of people following the Lion, went behind Him, as far as the eyes could see. Great darkness filled our surroundings, and in front of the Lion, I could see armies of entities, looking more like Ork’s than humans, waving their swords and weapons, eager to slay the Lion and His followers, but the Lion just kept on going, almost dancing His way in front of His captives of war, following behind Him. It seemed as He didn’t offer the rumbling hordes of demon-like entities a single thought. Above the Lions’s head, was a bright shining banner (standard), lifted up against the enemies, and they covered their eyes in protection for the bright shining light. They simply could not protect themselves against the shining light from the banner, and the enemies seemed to voluntarily make way for the Lion as He triumphantly marched on with His captives following obediently behind Him. Then I saw how the rows of people behind the Lion grew thicker and thicker as the enemies were defeated, and eventually found their way into the triumphal procession and followed their New Master & Captain of their hearts.


Biblical references:
2 Corinthians 2:14-17 Isaiah 59:19-21 & Isaiah 60:1-5

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