Dear Sister & Brothers.
I would like to share an important message from one of my dear sisters in the Lord, Gwendolen Song. Please take this message to the Lord, and do whatever you are prompted to do, as God needs us to prepare.
Just as we can read in Isaiah 60:1-5

Gwendolens message is being confirmed by reports of a collapsing grocery market and bankruptcies among American farmers on a wide scale. This seems to become the Perfect Storm, just as late John Paul Jackson predicted in 2008.

The Next Six Months
Messenger Gwendolen Song
March 19, 2020

To My dearest children who are seeking your Heavenly Father with all of your heart, Children, the hour is late and I want to give you some detailed instructions for the next six months. You may ask yourselves, “Why is there a timeframe in this Rhema message?” Or “What is going to happen in the next six months?” Children, I am your loving Heavenly Father and I want to help you to prepare for the greatest event in the history of your modern era and that is the coming of My Son, Yeshua. No one knows the day or the time of His coming. I want to begin to walk My children through the next six months to show them how I want them spending their time. I want My holy children to dedicate their time to the following activities: Continue to occupy until My Son arrives doing the best that you can at your jobs or the other activities that you are involved in. Do everything as though you are doing them unto Me. Secondly, I want you to spend at least one hour a day in prayer and worship. This is where you will learn to draw closer to Me and where you will get an outpouring out of My Holy Presence within your homes or wherever you are. For some it could be in a nursing home or even in a jail cell. I want you to begin to focus your time on worshiping Me in truth and Spirit. I want you to keep a wall of Holy Fire around you and your loved ones. I want you to begin reciting My Holy Word out loud and even memorizing large portions of it for the days ahead. My Word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. You need My Word more than ever and you need to be spending more quiet time with your Lord and Savior. Now the next part of this message you will surely need to take to your individual prayer time. Children, there are many of you who have the means to begin planting gardens. You have enough space on your property to grow a patch of potatoes or green beans. You may already have fruit trees in your yard. I want you to come to Me and ask Me how you can creatively begin supplementing your groceries from the store with your own homegrown crops. Some of My children have no place to grow a garden or they may not be physically able. This portion of the message is not for you. Some of you are able to help those who do have gardens. You may help purchase seeds or even help them to acquire the tools to plant a garden. Every one of My children have unique circumstances. What I am asking is for each of you to come to Me directly and inquire what My specific instructions are for you. You must learn to be more resourceful now as the Antichrist is trying to begin placing a chokehold around lives of My precious children. I will multiply your resources and I will help lead you to places that will aid you on your quest for more independence from the system. Work together as much as possible and pray over your gardens if I place it on your heart to prepare one. The next part of this message are for those of My children who are gifted at music. I want you to begin spending more and more time with Me so I may teach you how to lead others to a lasting relationship with Me. I will have you preaching simple sermons while behind the piano or while strumming your guitar. I want those who have been given the gift of music to reach up to My Throne of grace and ask Me to help grow your music skills. Your King is coming, dearest ones! Let Him find you preparing for the great harvest. Let Him peek down from His Throne and find you doing what you were created for. I am counting on you to shine in this last hour, children. Choose music that has messages of My love and grace and what My Son did at the Cross of Calvary. Sing to your heart’s delight! I will be beaming with excitement and My angels will join in as you send up your praise and adoration toward heaven. Children, take the next six months to draw closer and closer to Me and develop a sense of complete dedication to your King. I love you all very much. Discipline and faith are key.

Lovingly, Father God

Gwendolen Songs message – The Next Six Months
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