I would like to share this message from the Lord, given by Byron Searle, March 20, 2020. It’s a clear, clear warning from God, that He will start the shakings we can read about in Hebrews 12:25-29 and Haggai 2:6. For many people, and I would say, for most people, it is hard to take it all in, but let me testify, that my family and I have accepted our faith, and are preparing for Gods judgement to begin – and it’s all by the grace of God. We are so grateful to God, that He has warned us, and given us plenty time to prepare, not only for our own sake, but hopefully for the help of others as well. God will use the coming shakings of the earth to bring people to repentance, and to seek God for the salvation of their souls. If you are one of those God have prepared, then help to bring in the harvest, while we can, because the night will come when no man can work. – John 9:4

You can read the message given by Byron Searle here.

To get a broader understanding of the times of shakings in a biblical perspective, I will highly recommend the teachings of Derek Prince; “I Will Shake All Things” I & II. It is solid, sound and edifying teaching about the how God, through His word, has promised to shake ALL THINGS in the last days before He returns. Sisters & Brethren: God wants a Pure Bride for His son, Jesus Christ, and like John the Baptist went forth and prepared a way for the Messiah, before He entered His Ministry here on Earth, so the Holy Spirit is preparing our hearts for the Second Coming of Christ. Let us not discard all the teachings and warnings from Christ Himself, and the prophets – all the way from Abel to John the Apostle. Read the Book of Revelations! That is the last words given to the Church, by Jesus Christ Himself, and the Book begins with these words:

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

This is the [a]revelation of Jesus Christ [His unveiling of the divine mysteries], which God [the Father] gave to Him to show to His bond-servants (believers) the things which must soon take place [in their entirety]; and He sent and communicated it by His angel (divine messenger) to His bond-servant John, who testified and gave supporting evidence to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to everything that he saw [in his visions]. 3 [b]Blessed (happy, prosperous, to be admired) is he who reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and who keep the things which are written in it [heeding them and taking them to heart]; for the time [of fulfillment] is near.

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