Fear, Deception & War!

The whole world is stricken by fear for the Corona virus, and everything have stopped. Some call it a flu, some call it a hoax, some even a conspiracy, but officcially it is labeled a pandemic. I believe it is a dangerous virus, but there is more to this plague than meets the eye. Jeff Byerly, I have learned to know as a reliable, God-fearing man, with a strong prophetic voice for this day and age. He is a true Watchman on the wall, and a dear Brother I would recommend everyone to take seriously.

This message from Jeff Byerly is probably one of the last he will ever publish (I might be wrong), so it is of great importance that we all give heed to what Jesus our Lord speaks through this humble messenger.

The Beast System is being rushed in, while we all are being quarantined, and behind the curtain, the stage is being set for War. For more intel on what’s going on behind the scene, go to the excellent alternative news channel Marfoogle News. They are brilliantly putting the pieces together, and connecting the dots.

The Book of Revelation chapter 13 gives us a unmistakable warning:

Get Ready, Brothers & Sisters, and humbly seek the Lord. He will make You Shine like the stars in the night! Isaiah 59:19-21 & Isaiah 60:1-5

The Beast is Rising but You are to Overcome!

Transcript from Holyspiritwind.net

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