How to Face the Last Days Without Fear!

Fear, fear, fear, is all we hear about in the media today, and it is so easy to give in to it, and be downhearted. The Bible teaches us about what’s going to happen before He comes back, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Knowing that – how do you face it without being afraid?

I believe it’s all a matter of perspective. Jesus compares the time before His second coming with a birth. And for all of us who have witnessed a birth at close distance, or even experienced it. It’s a dramatic scenery. There is fear, uncertainty, pain and hardship, but also excitement and anticipation. The motivation for overcoming a birth, is that we want the baby! And that’s the main point with this encouraging teaching from Derek Prince – we want the baby, and the baby we are all waiting for, is the birthing of Gods Kingdom, and the return of the King. The carpenter from Nazareth, will soon return to Jerusalem as our King and Savior, but also the Judge.

Please listen to this profound teaching from one of our previous Generals in the Kingdom of God. Derek Prince has left us a treasure pot of teaching about the end of days. You don’t want to miss it. Be encouraged!

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