The Last Days may not occur as You have been taught…

This is a Word from the Lord, given to our dear Brother Jeff Byerly. It adresses the coming events, described in Matthew 24 and Revelations 6, which are the events known to us as the birth pains og the seals.

This prophetic word also gives correction to one of the most common errors in modern day Bible interpretation – the coming of the rapture. Many believers think that God will rapture His bride out of the trouble, before any bad happens to her. But this kind of wishful thinking, have no support in scripture. On the contrary, Jesus said: “In this world you will have tribulation“. I would strongly recommend everyone who believe in a “pre-tribulation rapture”, to listen to this message, but then go and study the scripture for themselves with an open mind. If I should be wrong, you have nothing to loose, and you will be caught up in the sky before anything bad happens. If you should be wrong about the rapture, and suddenly will find yourselves in the Great Tribulation, then you are in trouble, because your heart is not prepared. Is God unrighteous? Not at all! Why should He treat us Christians differently than our Sisters and Brothers in Syria, Iran or in China? They are experiencing the worst persecution in modern history… Why are they not raptured? When ISIS invaded vast areas of the Middle East, they killed all the Christians in the most horrible ways you can imagine. But still no rapture. God has not promised to take us out of the fire, or protect us from every evil deed, instead, he has promised to be together with us in the troubles. If you walk through the valley of the shadow of death – He has promised to be there with you. Are we not experiencing troubling times right now, with global lockdown, and a dangerous plague? We are still here? During the two World Wars, with more than a hundred million dead, all together, and you can put the Spanish Flu on top of that, and almost double the number of casualties – still no rapture.

As a “prepper”, I navigate after this simple motto: “Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best”. Jesus told us to not be deceived, and He also told us to be prepared and ready for His second coming. If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you, because a disciple is not above his Master. Again, I will almost beg you to study this theme once again, with an open mind, because it will be truly helpful on the day of tribulation. Though I believe God is speaking to Jeff Byerly, I do not comply with the message, unless it coincides with Gods Word. Every prophecy outside the Word must be tested. So let us test this message, and let’s consider the many warnings in the Bible, because God is letting all this trials happen for a reason.

What we are experiencing now, is the wrath of the Devil (not the wrath of God), and God is letting it all happen, because it fulfills His purpose. The last things that will happen before Jesus comes back, is that the Kings of the earth will hand over their Kingdoms to the Beast (Antichrist), and what we see now, during this global lockdown, I believe is the initial phase of this handover. Just look carefully – almost every nation that experiences this lockdown, are changing their laws, and are removing constitutional rights from their inhabitants. They say it is for a little while, but most likely, we are entering the initial phase of Global Government, which is prepared for “The Beast”. Has USA removed the Patriot Act, that has allowed them “universal surveillance”? On the contrary – it was prolonged last year, supported by both parties. When USA, UK and other western countries remove our constitutional rights during this Covid-19 lockdown, we will never get them back. The American Attorney General William Barr, have asked to suspend Habeas Corpus for infinity, because of Covid-19! It is happening while the world is in total fear over the virus. Research it – you will be amazed! You will probably find, as I have done through months and months of research, that what watchmen like Jeff Byerly and others are telling us, and warning us about, is actually happening. Much of it is well documented on this blog.

The comfort in all this trouble – Jesus is coming back soon!

Don’t be scared – be prepared!

God bless you!

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