The Beast System is Rising

While the worlds population is in lockdown, the “Beast System”, talked about in the Book of Revelations, is rising under our noses. Satan wants to wage a war against the Saints, and prevent them from bringing in the Great Harvest, but God is laughing at their plans! Don’t be shocked, but it seems as the “Kings” of the earth is already handing over their Kingdoms to the Beast. This video from Israeli News Live shares intel confirmed by this prophetic message from Byron Searle: BONDAGE

A good place to seek encouragement is Acts 8:1-8, where we see Saul and the religious system tried to persecute the Church, to stop them from spreading the Word, with total opposite result. Jesus promised to Peter that the Gates of Hades, will not overpower the Church!

I have made a video on this subject, published on YouTube & Brighteon

Let us TRUST in God, and not the “System”. They will try to ensnare us as best they can, to prevent the gathering of the Great Harvest. Spend much time with God, in prayer and fasting, as we soon will enter a deeper and more intense level of judgement. This was just for starters and warming up.

Jesus Christ is raising up His Bride! Are you Ready?

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