The Final Holocaust!

“Hail Caesar! Heil Hitler! Hail-Who? Who will be next? Many recognize Caesar and Nero and Hitler as forerunners of the future, when one leader, backed by one government and religious church, will lead one worldwide system. The question is, Were they all tools to prepare the way for the very old and evil world order?” This is how the the book “Hitler & the New Age – The coming holocaust – the extermination of Christendom” is presented by it’s writer Bob Rosio.

As a Bible-believing Christian, I have read the biblical prediction of the anti christian world order, and have prepared my heart for this prediction as a most likely and possible future…

After listening to this intervjew with a highly credible source (along with a long list of other sources), I must admit – it is finally here!

The last year I have said to everyone who would listen, that USA is possible to compare with Nazi Germany anno 1938/39. The deception is even deeper than it was for the poor Germans in the thirties, and shock and awe will come as a thief in the night upon every Americans, when the Roundup Begins. It’s not going to be much better elsewhere. Sad but true!

Take a look if you dare, but don’t fear! Do your own research, and PRAY! Jesus is the ONLY protection from what’s coming! Enter the ARK, and cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus Christ!

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