The Big One?

I would like to send out a warning message about the possibility for a major earthquake on the West Coast of USA. Would this be the right time to leave?

The majority of scientists in this area all agree – the “Big One” is coming, it is only a matter of when. The New Yorker published an article about “The Really Big One” in July 2015 – an article that really freaked everyone out.

Several watchmen and end time prophets have warned about a big earthquake on the American West Coast, and I have also seen this in several VISIONS. In addition to those visions, I have had an underlying spiritual alarm clock, constantly ringing inside of me, for more than a year now. I would like to bundle some of these dreams, visions and prophetic warnings and share them in this blog post, hopefully to help the people reading them to take it to heart, and also bringing it to the the Lord in prayer.

In the two messages “BEHOLD, I HAVE TOLD YOU ALL THINGS”, and “BLISSFUL IGNORANSE” Byron Searle said that God has told His people, living on the west coast to leave, and those with ears to hear have left already. The message continues by saying that God will send a 9.1 earthquake to wake up His People, and if they still do not leave, then the 12.2 will take them…  

I have been looking out for this earthquake since last summer, and have paid close attention to how the earthquakes have continuously increased all over the world, the last year (I have not made any stats about it, but that is my impression). I have had an unrest in my spirit about this, and have wanted to warn my friends and family living in USA, and especially at the West Coast.

This morning I received a message from a dear sister in Christ, living in USA. She’s a devoted sister in the Lord, who have had some dreams from God the last years, but never one like this. It got my attention – especially the part about the magnitude. The prophetic messages from Byron Searle says that the earthquake in Washington state will have a magnitude of 9.1, and my sister Dawns message says 9.2. Also the date got my attention. I have to say right away – I am not very fond of giving dates, so I will not refer to the date she gave, but man, it’s close!

Here is the dream, as she gave it, but without the dates:
April 17—2020
Idolatry, murder, sexual deviancy this is the reason why the world is being judged…it is for all of mankind’s sins……….judgement is here…God gave me a dream….an earthquake will hit around Eugene Oregon…above 9.2 (Cascadia Fault line) It will be the worst Natural disaster our country has ever seen…with thousands dead, millions displaced and no way to get in to help a decimated North Pacific coast..our country is already weak from the Covid virus… our country will be in a weaken’d state–financial-system -health system..during this time the first seal will be broken ….the antichrist will emerge and will offer peace during what is to follow ..peace will reign – till the breaking of the second seal….look to see this happen (Date: quite soon) …..REPENT..if you are on the fence..REPENT

If this is speaking to your heart, maybe NOW is the time to put your secret plan in to action and LEAVE! God bless you in making your decision!

See this modern day prophets of the Lord who would NEVER be allowed to speak in any CHURCH in the USA. Byron Seale provides his prophetic word of knowledge from the Lord describing the next round of judgments to overcome the USA…Earthquakes, Tidal Waves, Captivity, and finally WAR See Link to Lois’ Youtube Channel:…

CWU’s Nick Zentner presents ‘Great Earthquakes of the Pacific Northweset’ – the 13th talk in his ongoing Downtown Geology Lecture Series. Recorded at Hal Holmes Center on February 10, 2016 in Ellensburg, Washington, USA.

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