Eve of Destruction!

Every father who loves his children, would do anything to prevent his loved ones from harm. So also with God. We are entering a time like no other, and Gos is really on the move to wake up, and warn as many as possible, before the game is on! Personally, I am so grateful to God that He woke up my family and I, so we could prepare ourselves, but also reach out to others. Please watch this video, and read the transcript, and also pray to God about it, and ask for confirmation and direction. He wants you prepped and ready to be at His service, when the destructive forces are let loose for real. If you are physically, mentally and spiritually prepared when the Crap Hits The Fan, you will not be scared, but have Gods peace in your heart, and you will be able yo help others, and lead the lost to Jesus.

Don’t wait! Seek God for direction NOW!

God Bless You!


Transcript: https://byronsearle.blogspot.com/2020/05/eve-of-destruction.html

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