Kristallnacht, Bill Gates and Conspiracies

The conspiracy theories about Bill Gates

The Norwegian Factchecker, published today, May 9, 2020, a long article about Norwegians spreading conspiracy theories about Bill Gates, pointing to their own study stating that many Norwegians are skeptical of Bill Gates’s intentions with a possible vaccine. (Translated to something as: presents a long article with a number of examples of various conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and his organization the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. There are so many details in these articles that it would be almost impossible to comment on everything they point out, but one thing to keep in mind when reading the article from is that they have an initial hypothesis: Bill Gates is a decent guy, and a wealthy philanthropist who just wants to spend his money for charitable purposes. Thus, the article must be read from that point of view. What is problematic, with the article at, is that they stamp all who do not agree with their hypothesis, as conspiracy theorists, and I experience this as a quite clasical technique, whose sole purpose is to stop the mouths of dissidents and people who thinks differently.

A little about the concept of conspiracy theory

A conspiracy theory can be a very useful tool, especially if someone is obviously conspiring against you and is trying to trick you into a trap.

Since we just celebrated the Victory Day for World War II on May 8th, I would like to highlight one of the most well-known Norwegian conspiracy theories in our history. And it was put forth by our former Crown Prince Olav, later King Olav V. This conspiracy theory is a central element in the Norwegian film “The King’s No!”, which was seen by as many as 120,000 people during the opening weekend, and was shown on a big screen in the Palace Park where the King and Queen invited the Norwegian people home on a movie night in the Royal Garden.

Crown Prince Olav was convinced that Hitler would invade Norway, and tried to engage the Norwegian Parliament and Government in a full mobilization of the Norwegian Army, but the only one who seemed to share the Crown Prince’s view was the President of Parliament C. J. Hambro, the rest of the parliament seemed to be paralyzed for fear of what was to happen if one broke with the line of neutrality, which it was claimed that Hitler would respect. Crown Prince Olav got his conspiracy theory proven right, and Norway was captured during a few morning hours on April 9, and only when the invasion was a fact did the government send out mobilization orders – by letter.

Instead of going deep into a discussion about the article at, studies of the Nazi Regimes emerging power and takeover in Germany during the interwar period taught me a lesson or two. If you suspect someone to have a hidden agendas and you want to avoid being fooled – go straight to the source and check what they say. The most researched individual in world history is Adolf Hitler, and the National Socialist Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei (NSDAP), popularly known as the Nazi Party. For those who opposed the Nazi Party, it was no surprise that the political project ended in complete and utter destruction. Their basic attitude and political vision had been carefully penned in the early political manifestos of the NSDAP, and hardly changed until the final takeover. They completed their original plan from post-World War I Munich almost to the point.

One of the critics was Hitler’s former friend and ally, General Erich Ludendorff, who in a telegram to President Hindenburg highlights the consequences of the president’s fatal decision to appoint Hitler as Chancellor: “By appointing Hitler to the Chancellor of the Kingdom, one of the greatest demagogues in history. My prophecy to you is that this wicked man will cast our Kingdom into the abyss and inflict limitless harm on our country. Future generations will curse you in your grave for this action.”

Isn’t it unreasonable to compare one of the world’s largest despots with an easy-going and philanthropic Entrepreneur? That is not what I am trying to do here, but I find it quite relevant to use the Nazi Party’s path from the obscure National Socialist Party that used to agitate in Munich’s beer halls, to the full takeover of power in Germany. How a simple man from Austria could manage to gain power in the cultural nation of Germany, drive millions of Germans to ecstasy and lead the world into a war of unimaginable brutality and death is a mystery that haunts historians to this day. The consequences of the 12 years of national socialist rule and more than five years of war still influence politics and everyday life, primarily in Germany, but also in many other countries.

The young republic had many problems to contend with, which was not made better by the economic downturn and high unemployment. Communists and Social Democrats were more concerned with fighting each other than caring very much about the growing Nazi party, the National Socialist Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei – NSDAP. Through mass rallies, fierce agitation and physical struggles against communists and social democrats, the Nazis gained increasing support, and Judaism was used to stir up their own sympathizers. Hitler knew what he was doing and used the crystal night as a “test run”, to see where he had the German people in their aggression against the Jews.

About 90 Jews were killed in the attacks, even more in suicide, in despair, some tens of young Jewish men were sent to concentration camps, many of whom died in the months that followed, hundreds of synagogues were burned or shattered, and thousands of Jewish businesses destroyed or hurt.

Looking back at how the German people reacted to the anti-Semitic violence is perhaps even more frightening. A British journalist who was an eyewitness to the Berlin violence organs reported how racial hatred and hysteria also spread to many who did not actively participate in the attacks. “I saw modern dressed women clapping their hands and shouting with delight, while respectable middle-class mothers stopped their toddlers to look at ‘fun,'” Hugh Greene wrote in the Daily Telegraph.

The German people were deceived, and they allowed Hitler to deceive them, willingly, and the result of giving up their freedom and hand it over to people with aspirations for unrestricted power became disastrous, and lead to ruin for Germany, formerly known as the leading cultural nation in Europe.

My skepticism towards Bill Gates and his visions of the future is not rooted in any conspiracy theories, but solely in what he himself says and does.

I’m going to end this video with some quotes from Bill Gates’s own mouth, and they really tell me everything I need to know. You may not agree with my conclusion, and I fully respect that, but instead of being bullied into silence by “The Compact Majority”, as The Norwegian author Henrik would put it, I urge you to do your own research, and to rely on your own intuition. Many people, listening to their “gut-feeling, thinks there is something “fishy” about the whole corona “thing”, and that the masive surveillance measures taken to stop the spread of the virus, do not quite match the actual consequences of the pandemic. When professionals who ask questions and dissidents almost without exception are censored away from the public conversation, then it is probably a signal that it may be wise to listen to your intuition.

In a discussion on Reddit where Bill Gates performed a stunt called: AMA (ask me anything) about COVID-19, Gates answers a question related to when stores and workplaces can open again: “Eventually we will have some digital certificates showing who has recovered or when we receive a vaccine, who, who has received it.”

But this sounds absolutely unproblematic, you think, saying: “I am fine with downloading an app to my phone and give away some data.” 

In Norway almost one and a half million have downloaded the app “Infection stop”:

The Data Inspectorate is skeptical of such an App for privacy reasons, saying “We would never approve such an App in ‘peacetime'”

Swedish authorities completely refuse such an App because they are afraid that it may cause unrest in their society.ørre-uro-i-befolkningen/ar-BB13jg4d

Although Mr. Gates only wanted a digital tracking app, I would say no. On principle, I oppose the ever-increasing surveillance, which in the context of the pandemic, seems to be increasing globally with rampant speed.

The final quotes, I have taken from Microsoft’s own websites, where they talk about the ID2020, which is a global alliance, whose goal is to create a digital identity for all people.

The article discusses what the social, economic and ethical implications of such an initiative might be.

In 2015, all United Nations countries made a global commitment to legal identity for everyone by 2030, and that modern technology such as Block-chain technology, like that used with Bitcoin is likely to be used. It is emphasized that today’s consumers want a seamless and secure digital experience.

Microsoft says in the article: “Each of us needs a digital identity we own, one which securely and privately stores allelements of our digital identity.”

“If the Alliance’s goal is to create a globally recognized digital cradle-to-grave identity, will it end up with a global mandate?

How will this be enforced, and by whom?

What happens to those individuals who are unwilling to cooperate? Will they be persecuted? And how will the implementation of identity evolve with technology beyond what we know from smartphones? Do we want to see implants like those used on Swedish subways,

or some form of a digital tattoo become the final norm?

“As more and more transactions become digital in nature and are built around a single global identification standard, supported by Microsoft, the question of who will govern this evolving global community and economy becomes relevant. Especially since nonparticipants in this system would be unable to buy or sell goods or services.”

Finally, a 2000-year-old quote from the Book of Revelations, chapter 13:16-17

“He makes it possible for all people, both small and large, rich and poor, free and slave, to notice on their right hand or forehead. No one can buy or sell anything without having this mark.”

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