This is just me emptying my heart, rather spontaneously, just to give you a warning about the times ahead of us.

Today: Pakistan, Nigeria, Iran, India, Egypt, Eritrea, Kurdistan…
Tomorrow: The West: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia – Then Global!

Please look through the videos, pray to God, and follow His instructions. I would recommend to lay your personal beliefs aside for a moment, and seek God for His counsel, along with wholeheartedly Bible studies on the subject of biblical warnings about the end times. God is a good Father, and just like us, He wants to warn us about troubles ahead, and equip us, strengthen us and keep us from harm. But more then anything He wants us to have His peace in our hearts, so that He might use us as messengers to a world in peril and despair. It is time to bring in the Harvest – Be ready!


Dr. June shares words from Jeff Byerly and others:

DOWNFALL OF AMERICA HAS BEGUN! (Looking towards the Heaven for Jesus)

Civil War is coming to America (Jeff Byerly)

Holyspiritwind.net (Jeffs blog)

Wake Up America Part II (Dumitru Duduman):

Hidden Ones Shall Be Revealed (Jeff Byerly):

Acts 2.0 (Jeff Byerly):

Jesus is Coming SOON!

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