The Wedding of the Lamb

June 5. 2020

My dear son, my dearest children, I love you with all of My heart. Just as I love My Son, Jesus Christ, I love all of you with an everlasting love. When I was walking together with Adam and Eve in the Garden, everything was perfect, and we had fellowship with each other face to face. Soon we will meet in Heaven, and again we will meet face to face, as we did in the Garden. Then everything will be revealed to you all, dear children. Oh, how I look forward to that Great day when we all will celebrate the Lamb’s wedding together, and finally be summoned in a new Heaven and a new Earth. Revelations 19:7

Just as My Son Jesus Christ had to go through many trials to be purified and readied for the mission that was laid upon His shoulders, so you must also prepare for suffering for My Son’s names sake.

I will cleanse you and equip you for the mission ahead, and you will be firsthand witnesses to a demonstration of power that you have never seen before, and which will never come again. Fear not, My Children, for the trials that are about to be poured out upon you these days. Did I not tell you that My Children’s peace would be great?  Isaiah 54:13

The world is going to be torn into pieces, and men’s hearts will fail them for fear of everything that comes upon the earth.  Luke 21:26 But, in the midst of all the chaos, My peace will rest upon you like never before. Just stay close to Me and I will take care of you.

Nor shall you fear those who can kill your bodies, but fear Me, who has the power to cast you into Hell.

Seek My Face now and ask for further instructions. Be ready at all times to give testimony to those I send to you. For many are called, but few are chosen.  Matthew 20:16           

You, My elect, must put on the full armor of the God, and resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

For those of My children who sees My hand in all the things happening from now on, are looking forward to all that is to come, in the same way as a father and a mother who are facing a childbirth. You tremble for the birth pangs, the pain and the drama, but still those sufferings cannot overshadow the joy feel as soon to be parents! Matthew 24:6-8
That’s just as I am feeling too right now. I tremble when I think of the coming tribulation, the turmoil and the drama, soon to be poured out on the earth. At the same time, I rejoice when thinking of all My beloved children who will cry out to Me for salvation and redemption in their time of need. 

And then I will hear them, and answer them, and deliver them in that very moment.

Oh, how I look forward to the Wedding Party, when My Son has been back on earth a second time – now to bring His bride back home to their eternal dwellings.

Pay attention to My Word, and do not be fearful when you see the people rage. 
– Psalm 2:1-3 When you see all this happen, stand up and lift up your heads, for your redemption is drawing near! Luke 21:28

I love you My children, and I look forward to the Wedding Party!

Be faithful! Endure! Wait for the Groom! Jesus is coming soon!

Your Father who loves you, with an everlasting love.

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