The RFID Chip is distraction. The real danger is much more sophisticated. The next waves, will take us deeper and deeper into tyranny, so in order to escape being lured into the “system”, you need to have a plan.

The following videos will educate you. Do yourselves a favor – do not ignore these warnings. If you don’t have a plan – somebody else have it all planned out for you. More about survival under Preparedness

It’s going to be a never ending story of boosters

Link to TLAV’s Whitney Webb interview: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/whitney-webb-interview-your-never-ending-covid-19-booster-cycle-modernas-miracle/

EU Parliament Members opposing Green Passes in press conference

Full Blown Totalitarianism in New Zealand

Link to article: https://aminutetomidnite.com

Important interview with former FEMA Officer, explaining Wave II – Hard Lockdown and more. HAVE A PLAN!

What Will Next Year Look Like? Reset. Sorrow. Lawlessness.


Disclaimer: I am not promoting the RESET. Please read Celeste interpretation and comments in the above blogpost.

Future Shock! Revealing the Timeline


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