SEVEN WEEKS (Byron Searle)

Important message from the Lord:

We – The Body of Christ, have SEVEN WEEKS to prepare, before the chaos unfolds (This will start first in USA, but eventually spread globally). So God’s message to us is to get our houses in order – spiritually (Everyone should repent of any known sins, be reconciled with anyone you haven’t forgiven. Be baptized in water with full immersion and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit). Then ask God for guidance. Get everything you need in house for food and survival (What to prepare for? Read Revelations chapter six). Have an exit plan if you live close to the coastline, and pay attention to earthquake and volcano varnings (get som extra dust masks or gas masks). First and foremost – be reconciled with Christ Jesus and be at peace with God. He is our only protection. Without Him – every other preparation is in vain. God be with you – soon you’re on you own…

Link to Byron Searles message here.


7/14/2020 — Worldwide spread of earthquake activity — All M5.2 all over the world — Be ready!

Dutchsinse is probably the most reliable channel for Earthquake-warnings. You can find him here on YT and on Twitch. He is up to speed with most things and has got an incredible track record in EQ predictions. Anyhow – God is your safest source for warnings, so stay close to Him, and LISTEN to His voice. You will not survive without His mercy and grace, when the Crap Hits The Fan!

This message from Byron Searle confirms Pastor Danas dreams…

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