April 20 this year I participated on Marfoogle News, presenting John Moore’s article “No Need For Panic” from 2006, where he predicted a Corona-like Pandemic being fomented as a smoke screen to cover up a much more devastating event. Today, I would like to present som trustworthy intel, coming from reliable sources, allegedly from official sources in both The White House and FEMA. I will leave a link to the Marfoogle show below as well.

Steve Ben-Nun gives heed to the warnings, and are moving from Florida to a safer location.
Marfoogle News presents intel from Israeli News Live

April 20. 2020 I presented a resent blogpost about abrupt climate change, at Marfoogle News Call-in Show. I talked about John Moores Report “NO NEED FOR PANIC”, and Marf really shock his head when he realized that John Moore predicted the Corona-scenario way back in 2006. What seems to be happening in September this year, all lines up with John Moores predictions. I suggest you read his report, made available in the link below.

TEOTWAWKI – “No Need For Panic”

April 16. 2020 I wrote a blogpost, presented at MARFOOGLE TV four days later.


DISCLAIMER: The title of John Moores Report “No Need For Panic” only makes sense if you give heed to his warnings and prepare. If you don’t, your probably end up in a much undesired situation – much likely in an overcrowded refugee camp. Take the warnings seriously and prepare! The clock is ticking!

SEVEN WEEKS, Byron Searle

Heres another warning that lines up with the knowledge about the incoming asteroids / debris. The interpretation tells us that we have until September first to prepare, before things are getting serious. First it will most likely hit USA, but eventually it will go global: SEVEN WEEKS

Intel about incoming asteroids from BP Earth Watch

Wages World – Planet X and more

Planet X News


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