Sister Gwendolen Song presents a strong message from the Lord, encouraging all believers to fast and pray all of September 2020. America and the Western world will face perilous times of war and captivity in the days to come. We can’t ask God to stop the enemies, but we can pray for them that they shall be saved!

Gwendolen mentions the end time messenger Byron Searle, as God has placed a spotlight from heaven on this prophet and on those who follow his work. Please read his latest message Are You Ready?

Jesus is coming soon – and it might be sooner than we think!

Full transcript

Rhema Word: A Call to Prayer and Fasting for Our Nation’s Enemies Messenger Gwendolen Song August 18, 2020

To the Prophet Byron Searle and to those who follow his online ministry, and for all of those who are eagerly awaiting the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST; These are the words of Yahweh, the Maker of Heaven and Earth; The One who fashioned the sun, the moon, and the vast number of stars across the universe. Just as the Prophet Jonah was sent to proclaim the message of repentance to the enemy of his nation, so too, I am sending each of you to preach to those who are about to take you into captivity. I am requiring all of My holy children who hear the words of this prophecy to conduct a 30 day fast from September 1st through September 30th abstaining from the following foods and beverages: All alcoholic beverages All sugary sweet treats including soda Any food that is considered a snack This is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, THE MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. I am going to give you a reprieve by asking you to have mercy on your enemies; asking you to fast and pray for them, for they are at the door posts of your once great nation. Fast and pray, dearest ones! FAST AND PRAY! I can calm the storm for a season. I can give you more grace if you would only stretch out your mustard seeds of faith and love your enemies as yourselves. FAST AND PRAY! PRAY AND FAST! Learn to have the heart of your Mighty King Yeshua and love not your lives unto death. Give up something for your enemies who desire to take you away into captivity. Pray that they too, like the mighty men of Nineveh, will repent and come to the knowledge of Who the King of Glory is! FAST AND PRAY! PRAY AND FAST, I SAY. Get down on your knees and cry out to Me to save those who want to destroy you from within. For soon your president will be no more and a new leader will emerge from the land. This leader will be of fierce countenance, for he is the most atrocious beast you will ever encounter. USA, FAST AND PRAY, I SAY. PRAY AND FAST! DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU! Serve your LORD with gladness throughout this entire fast. This is your required service to your King. Did not the Prophet Daniel fast and pray? Did he not get down on his knees three times a day? Do not lose steam on this fast, dearest ones. Do not start off with strength and die off at the end like a tree who bears no fruit. Continue on strong until I speak to you that your prayers have reached My Mighty Throne in the heavens. I have spoken. I have spoken. I have spoken and I am bringing a mighty wind of revival across the land. This revival must begin with you and your attitude towards your enemies. I will use you to evangelize them and to speak the good news of Jesus Christ. I am preparing you for the greatest spiritual battle of your lives and through this fast I am going to do a mighty work in your hearts as well. Only believe! Have the faith of a mighty mustard seed! This is what will please the heart of My Father. Shalom, dearest ones. Shalom.

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