This is a stern message, but I believe it is true – all off it! Gwendolen Song is a reliable and trustworthy servant of God, and have a strong prophetic voice. We better give heed to this message and prepare our hearts! There’s really not much more to say… Are you ready? JESUS is coming SOON!

Overcoming Dark Matter: One of the Final Prophecies of this Age Gwendolen Song October 27, 2020

These are the messages of the LORD JESUS CHRIST to His servant Gwendolen Song. I am at a pivotal time in my walk with my King and I know you are too if you are a sincere son or daughter of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. There are 7 days remaining before the very overrated and overstated presidential election. Those words are not mine. Not mine. These are the words that the Holy Spirit gave me to read in this message. He has asked me to read His words this day, October 27, 2020. These words come at a serious time in our nations’ history. There is a strong stench of fornication, idolatry, witchcraft, divination, and false procurement of land. Our Constitution has become as toilet paper to the globalists, and because the pastors of the churches in the USA have failed to call the church to sincere fasting and repentance, the LORD JESUS is going to allow the globalists to have their way for a season. It is the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY who has asked me to deliver this message today and this is by far one of the most severe prophetic words that any prophet has ever had to deliver. Apparently, the LORD is saving one of the best and most bitter messages for last. There is a small group of people whom the LORD will allow to remain until the very end of the church era. A very small number. One million people may seem like a large number of people to the human mind, but this number is minuscule to the LORD. He will be supernaturally hiding a small group of people from the earth at the end of the church era to survive and bear witness of the tribulation to the next populace of the Millennium. Not all of these persons will be born again believers of the Messiah. No. He is choosing a diverse group people to help propagate humanity into the next age and will give them every opportunity to develop a personal relationship with Him. Our Creator is not into mind control, robotics, or eugenics. He is a kind-hearted and sensitive loving Father who gives everyone everywhere ample opportunity to find Him during their human experience. His kindness leads to repentance and without recognizing and walking by faith in His finished work at the Cross, no one can go on and live with Him in His heavenly kingdom. This God that I serve gives us more chances than we deserve to come to an everlasting relationship with Him. I implore you to find out if He is real today by asking Him to make Himself known to you on a level that only He can. What I am going to discuss today is actually a teaching that I received directly from the LORD. It’s not an easy topic. I may actually be ridiculed as well and I am prepared for that. The fallen ones are here. They are making their presence known in various ways around the globe whether the human race is ready for them or not. They have presented themselves to each and every global leader and have asked or insisted on their cooperation while they come to fulfill their purpose-that purpose is to assist satan in affixing his mark on all people rich and poor, free and bond. That is their objective. They have a name for this and it is on the US government’s website. Operation Warp Speed. Warp 1 is equivalent to the speed of light. Warp 2 is 8X the speed of light. Warp 3 is 27X the speed of light. In other words, the fallen ones are aiming at their goal of placing a mark on every human at warp speed, as fast a possible, and trying to accomplish it at a pace that can only be done in a supernatural way. In the Bible (John 8:12), Jesus the Messiah declares that He is the Light and yet here we have a global emergency where the fallen ones want to place a mark on everyone faster than the speed of light. In other words, FASTER THAN JESUS! Yes, this is their challenge, so they have created these biological weapons to cause premature death, depopulation, and to cause everyone everywhere to receive their mark. They will threaten us, try to scare us into submission, try to get us to love our lives more than the Messiah who came to die for our sins. Everything, every part of our old reality has been turned upside down over what they call COVID-19. COVID-19 is an acronym for Certificate Of Vaccination ID- with the number 19 standing for AI (Artificial Intelligence). I won’t go into any more detail than that today because the LORD wants me to discuss dark matter and how it is already being used against us on a global scale. Dark matter is a demonic energy from another dimension. In the movies it is referred to as black goo. Satan’s kingdom is built on the idea that everything that God has created has to be recreated and dipped into his negative energy. I’ll give you an example of this. When God created the earth and all its inhabitants He put His special signature upon it all. He also said that “it was good!” So satan had to run his fingertips over every part of creation tampering with its DNA, the fingerprints of God, and replacing it with his version. He has never actually created anything except perverted the things God has already designed. All dark matter will go with satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet to the lake of fire at God’s appointed time. There will be no dark matter allowed here during the Millennium with the exception of the short time satan is allowed to roam on the earth at the very end of that time period (Revelation 20:3). He will eventually go to the lake of fire with all traces of his black matter after his time has expired. Again, as I said earlier, dark matter is from another dimension. It was brought here before the Watchers arrived. It has been here on this planet since satan arrived. It is his essence. It is like the darkness of his heart and its objective is to seek out all life and cover it with his essence, his character. He wants everything here to be in his likeness. I do hope this sheds a bit of light on things for you. Now how will this dark energy (dark matter) be used against us? These are the 3 ways that the LORD has explained to me. 1.) Demonic technology will be used to send negative energy into people’s bodies through direct energy waves. These are primarily high energy beams from space craft and/or military grade vehicles. We are already seeing this with the uptick in global fires. These high energy beams can be directed towards fragile fault lines, volcanoes, and any other structure that they want to tamper with. 2.) The second way dark energy will be used is through objects to hurt or kill a person. This can be done by sending short intense pulses of energy right into the immediate environment of a person or persons by using radio waves or lasers through cell phones, implantable microchips, internet routers, wifi, or any other sort of technology instrument. Even through a laptop or personal computer small doses of dark energy can be sent to cause cancer or a sudden heart attack. These types of attacks need no hit man at the scene. Technology already has its tentacles in your home or in your body if you have taken the microchip (Mark of the Beast). 3.) The 3rd way dark energy could be used against us is through a fallen one directly to their human target. These sort of attacks are the most serious. These attacks mean that you have exposed some knowledge or secret of the fallen ones that they do not want exposed. This is why God has sealed His servants just prior to the tribulation to place a “do not disturb” sign upon them. “Do not touch My anointed ones.” He also says in Revelation 6:6, “Do not damage the oil and the wine.” What we have going on on the planet at the end of the church era are 2 groups of servants. The first group serves satan night and day. Their goal is to put a mark on all humanity likened to satan’s approval mark. Then we have the sealed servants of Christ. The fallen ones are ordered by God not to harm these sealed servants. The fallen ones know their time is short. They know the rules of engagement, but they will still try to intimidate and cause fear to God’s servants. They will attack with their dark matter from time to time. They will even let you know they are there just to rattle your cage. They will send a jolt to your body to scare you. They will try to place you in a submission hold and it will be momentarily frightful—deep neurological or neuromuscular pain. And when that moment happens rebuke them in Jesus’ name and they must leave you alone. If they don’t and you are a sealed servant of God they will be escorted to the abyss immediately by the LORD’s heavenly angels. It is a promise of the Creator that you can stand on! So remember what I have shared with you today. Live in a constant state of readiness for the LORD’s coming. Repent when you sin and ask the LORD JESUS to help you do all to stand. Only the overcomers inherit the kingdom of God. Let’s apply the blood of the Lamb to the doorposts of our hearts, walk in faith of His finished work at the Cross, and never lose sight of our Eternal Home. Shalom.

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