Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ. In the early morning of November 3rd 2020, I saw a short vision related to the ongoing Presidential Election in USA. I want to share it here on my blog, along with a couple of videos from some Sisters in Christ, sharing words from the Lord on the same issue.

I believe the door is about to shut, and that Redemptive Judgement from the Lord is about to hit. Things will never be the same again, so prepare your hearts, soul and spirit.

Yahushua LoverOfMySoul The Precipice! Catapult for the downfall of your once great nation!
Yahushua LoverOfMySoul It’s time for sack cloth! WEEP & WAIL son of man!
WATB.tv The Door is About to Shut – Which one will you Choose
This video gives some important background information about th Election, the candidates, and what is about to happen. The deception is massive! The only thing we can do is to to question everything, and to trust in Jesus Christ alone, and the written Word of God.

Here is the vision along with some words from my heart. May God bless you all, and may God in His Wrath remember Mercy!

Election Day

I saw for the second time in a short period of time a vision with a pillar of fire that stretched from the earth up to the sky, and lightning that went down through it (Satan fell down like lightning ⚡️which reminded me of Barak Obama). I saw Donald Trump hand over his kingdom to the Beast, and I saw coordinated explosions go off in much the same way as with the Twin Towers (controlled demolition), only this time it was at ground level. I saw shops explode quarter after quarter in a typical American city like New York, although it was difficult to establish the exact geographic location of the city.
The United States is about to fall, and the kingdoms of the world, headed by the United States, are already in the process of surrendering their kingdoms to the Beast.
I felt a special burden for the many Christians in the United States of America, and I had to kneel down and pray for the country, and that the many Christians in the USA wakes up to the truth, about who really governs their country, and wake up to a biblical understanding of who they are in Christ.I pray that God will let the fire of the Gospel burn throughout the land from East to West and from North to South. May God see to the plans of the wicked, so that they backfires at themselves. May everything they have planned against the Christians hit themselves and not harm the people of God – in Jesus name!
God – show mercy to the United States and the American people, and wake up Your people to settle with themselves, and protect them from all disappointments when the truth is revealed, so that they do not take up arms and go to war against their brothers, but instead puts on The Spiritual Armor of God and resists the devil and all his works.
Let Your people rise up in the power of the blood of the Lamb and the word they testify, and do not let them love their lives until death! – Rev. 12:11


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