Dear children. It’s the last hour. Have I not told you to come out of this world? Have I not said that you should not let anyone deceive you? Have I not said that you should not fear evil? Have I not said that if they have persecuted Me, they will also persecute you? And have I not said that he who endures to the end will be saved?Many of you probably think that you have plenty of time, and most of you probably think that your generation will not experience persecution and hardship. Would you rather prefer that I came back in your children or grandchildren’s generations? What about them?Does not in My word say that “great love has he who gives his life for his friends?”Would it not then be a privilege for you to sacrifice your own lives for the salvation of future generations?My dear! It’s time for you to wake up and realize what a serious time you are living in, and how late in the day it is according to My clock. It is soon 12 o’clock, but whether it is minutes or seconds to midnight, is not up to Me to say, only My Father in heaven knows the exact time of My Second Coming.But one thing I can say to you – you have never been closer!There are many forces in this world that will take away your freedom to worship Me and to tell the good news to other people. Do not be afraid of them! Do not be bullied into silence! Be more bold than ever and pay attention to the people around you! Give them a word or a greeting and lay your hands on the sick and they will be healed!Let no man catch you with his cunning tricks. When it comes to plague and affliction, what has My Word said about that? If a thousand fall by your side, and ten thousand by your right hand, it will not come to you!Have I not commanded my angels to preserve you in all your ways? So why do you doubt? If the media and the authorities say one thing and My word says the exact opposite – who do you want to listen to?My dearest ones. You are now in the valley of decision. From here to My Coming you will be confronted with one difficult choice after another. You will be challenged on how deep your faith goes. Your faith will be tested daily at times, and if you have not already taken a stand on what My word says, there is a great danger that you will not stand in the hour of decision. Do you not think Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were aware of the wicked land they lived in? Do you not think that they were prepared to be challenged in their faith?These young boys had already decided in their hearts – whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord! The rest of the story you already know…Are you prepared for persecution?Are you prepared for mandatory vaccinations?Are you prepared to stand up for My name, when everyone hates you (hates My name)?Are you prepared to leave everything you own and follow me?

My children. It’s the LAST HOUR! Do not be deceived!

Your brother and friend

Jesus Christ

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