The Jewish Conspiracy

This subject is almost impossible to address without being accused of being an Antisemite. Therefor it is a privilege to present a Jewish Rabbi, turned into a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, presenting the hidden truths from the Jewish Orthodox Community. I pray that all professing Christians dare to leave their own prejudice and watch this presentation of the beliefs of Orthodox (Talmudic) Judaism, and take it to heart. Their Agenda is more evil and sinister than anyone with a sound mind could ever imagine.

The Umbrella Corporation

In the video above, the panel discusses how Orthodox Jews likes to “reveal” some of their hidden plans to the public. Hollywood-movies are full of these “bread crumbs”, often described as “Predictive Programming”, and reveils their dystopian, distorted philosophy, to those with eyes to see. This scene from the movie Resident Evil, presents a scenario that fits with their perverted and twisted worldview, inspired by the Talmudic teachings of Orthodox Jews.

The Jews and Their Lies – Martin Luther

Martin Luther discovered the true face of the Talmudic Jews, and wrote the book The Jews and Their Lies as a warning to future generations.

The International Jew by Henry Ford

It seems as Henry Ford made the same discovery as Martin Luther, and engaged in exposing the evil agenda of the Talmudic Orthodox Jews. For that he was deemed an Antisemite, and had to apologize to the Jewish Society later on.

The Birth of ADL

ADL is probably one of the most influential Lobbyists in America, and here is a presentation of how it was established.

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