The Great Reset

On the first Sunday of Advent 2020, Fr. Robert Altier held a speech, titled: “God or the Great Reset – there is no middle ground.”

The background for his sermon is a recent issue of the Time Magazine which had a whole issue covering what they call The Great Reset. What they are portraying, is obviously what the world will look like after Covid-19. It sounds great, with focus on sustainability and stakeholder economy, which is nothing less than a modern way of marxism. According to one of their ads, this is how they portray our future: “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” 
The most alarming part of The Great Reset, is the third and final priority of The Great Reset – Harnessing the innovations of the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution = Fusion of our Physical, Habitual and our Biological Identities

“One of the features of the 4th Industrial Revolution is that it isn’t changing what we are doing, but it is changing us” – Klaus Schwab, Founder of The World Economic Forum and author of the book: “The 4th Industrial Revolution.”

I would recommend all believers to make up their own opinion about The Great Reset, because I believe as Fr. Robert Altier, that it definitely will put all sincere Christians in a defining moment, where you just have to make a choice? God or The Great Reset. If you choose God before the luring sweet talk from Davos, you probably should consider to prepare yourself and your loved ones for persecution. If you jumble together all the draconian regulations and surveillance related to Covid-19 with the technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution, you will suddenly find yourself in an atheist dystopian Sci-Fi reality, where mankind has been reduced to a low-class kind of Untermench, while the elite live comfortably distant from the raging mass, in man-made space stations, masterly portrayed in the movie Elysium

This speech by Fr. Robert Altier is quite to the point of what The Great Reset is all about, and he is pointing clearly to Jesus own warnings to His believers to be watchful and alert, and to prepare for suffering and persecution. All believers in Christ should have a back-up plan for how to survive in a scenario where you won’t be able to buy and sell. The Great Reset is here, and it’s confronting biblical virtues, head-on. Its a confrontation and a challenge to all that is sacred and holy. Are you ready for standing your ground?

Fr. Robert Altier: God or the Great Reset – there is no middle ground

The Official Great Reset promo from World Economic Forum

The Great deception of The Great Reset

What is The Great Reset?

Not A Conspiracy Theory #GreatReset

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

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