This collection of videos, contain some of the most brilliant minds on health and vaccines and immunology. Phd, DVM Geert Vanden Bossche is risking his career and renome by giving his dramatic warning about the current Corona virus vaccine. It need to stop, or it might end in Global Disaster (Not my words).

From a Bible Believing Christians point of view, I must admit, there is a possibility that the only way to fight this plague, is by trusting in God. But How can God possibly help you if you willingly pollute your body with this dangerous vaccine?

After listening to Dr. Geert, Dr. Lyons Weiler and Dr. Vernon Coleman, you might (hopefully) change your mind about taking the vaccine!

This is The Clarion Call of our time. This is a defining moment. If we fail here – there might not be a way back


Please study Dr. Vernon Colemans resyme: http://www.vernoncoleman.com

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