Just before Christmas last year, I noticed quite a few independent news outlets commenting on that the Covid-narrative is falling apart. I remember I was thinking; nah, they won’t give in that easily. This must be a false hope. So, I sought the Lord about the matter, asking Him: “Lord, will they pull the War Card?” The Lord answered me by reminding me of a certain 
prophetic message, given by Jeff Byerly back in September 22 in 2018. After reading the message, I am more certain than ever that, all the troubles caused by the “one thing” we 
are not allowed to speak about, will be buried under the cover of falling bombs and turmoil, just as the smokescreen of war covered up the unbelievable horrors of Holocaust. 
Without the coming World War 3, and the downfall of USA, Nato and the Western Society. Let’s face it – there will be no One World Government or New World Order. 

The message given by Jeff Byerly, gives us a strong reminder of how important it is for Gods true believers to continue in holiness and a god-fearing conduct. Read it and be INSPIRED, despite the constantly beating of the drums of war. Jesus is coming back soon – Are you ready?

URGENT – Jeff Byerly

While I was in my time with the Lord, on the morning of 9-22-18 I kept hearing the chorus to the song “Urgent” by Foreigner, over and over in my head. I thought this strange because I

had not heard that song in a long time. I asked the Lord if it was from Him and He said Yes it was. He told me to look up the lyrics of the choruses of that song but to disregard the lyrics of the verses and that I was not to play the song.

Here are the lyrics of the choruses:

You say it’s urgent

So urgent, so oh oh urgent

Just wait and see

How urgent my love can be

It’s urgent

It gets so urgent

So urgent

You know it’s urgent

I wanna tell you it’s the same for me

So oh oh urgent

Just you wait and see

How urgent our love can be

It’s urgent

You say it’s urgent

Make it fast, make it urgent

Do it quick, do it urgent

Gotta rush, make it urgent

Want it quick

Urgent, urgent, emergency

Urgent, urgent, emergency

Urgent, urgent, emergency

Urgent, urgent, emergency

So urgent, emergency

Emer emer emer

It’s urgent

So I thought about what the Holy Spirit could mean by having me look up these lyrics and I began to think about the Kick-off event and the destruction and calamity that I know is soon to come. I asked the Lord if this is what He meant by giving me this song and this and the following is His reply.

“My son, you are looking at the song lyrics that I had you look up at only one level but I want to show you another level as well. I want you to tell My people that things are Urgent in both the spiritual and physical worlds right now. All you of need to desire to be with Me now more than ever now. The tired old ways that you are comfortable with and “used to” are not going to be enough, our relationship needs to be URGENT! I need to be the first thought that enters your mind in the morning and the last thought as you drift off to sleep at night. I need to be the center of everything you do, day and night and you need to be seeking Me and My kingdom in everything that you do. You need to be watching for My coming always and praying without ceasing.

I know there are some of you who are asking “How can we possibly do this Lord?” and I tell you that it is I who will give you the strength and power to do these things. I am not a cruel taskmaster, My yoke is easy and My burden is light! How could I tell you to do something if it were not possible? If I did such a thing I would be a liar and I cannot lie. Truly, truly I say to you the more urgently you seek Me and desire My presence, the more of Myself I will reveal to you. The question I have for each of you is, how bad do you want Me and how urgent is it for you to know Me more intimately? Those who seek Me with everything that is within them will go though much less testings, trials and tribulations in the coming days. Yes, My son you are also correct about the urgent time that you are in the physical realm as well. I will shake your country (America) awake before it is completely destroyed. The fiery, false-flag, kick off event closer than ever now but most think that it could never happen but it will, for there has been no lasting repentance. I tell you this will be as the song says,

“Urgent, urgent, emergency

Urgent, urgent, emergency

Urgent, urgent, emergency

Urgent, urgent, emergency

So urgent, emergency”.

I have seen a few cry out to Me for a short time, only the remnant/bride seeks repents and seeks Me with urgency. I see your tears as you cry out to Me and I feel your sincere love for Me and you will be rewarded for your faithfulness and diligence. These will be the ones who are counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before Me because they pray always. The urgent prayers of My remnant/bride are powered by My Spirit and they accomplish great things for My kingdom. The miraculous will become commonplace when My people pray with faith and urgency. When the normalcy that you live in is taken away My people will cry out to Me with much more urgency. This is coming quickly, expect it and do not be caught off guard as those who have fallen back asleep.

Beloved, I love you always and I want you to realize that once you get through these final tests, trials and tribulations you will never have to go through them again. This is the perspective that you must have! You will be with me for eternity if you seek Me now with urgency.

Jesus Christ

Yahushua ha Mashiach”

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