Just as Caiaphas – prompted by The Holy Spirit prophesied about Jesus’ death in John 11:49-52, I believe that Vladimir Putin just prophesied about Americas fall and destruction.

In an article from RT News July 7th 2022, Putins states that “Russia hasen’t really started anything yet!” and he concludes his speech with these chilling words: “The ongoing breakdown cannot be stopped.”

“They should have realized that they had already lost from the very beginning of our special military operation, because its beginning also means the beginning of a complete breakdown of the American world order.” – Vladimir Putin

Among a steadily growing number of Christians, I believe that the nation called “Mystery Bablylon”, portrayed in Revelations 18 is The United States of America, and that because of her abundant sin, God will punish her with unquenchable fire. Isaiah 13:5 say’s that Gods weapon of indignation towards Babylon comes from a far away country, from the farthest place on earth, to destroy the whole country of Babylon.

Many modern watchmen and prophets through the years have prophesied about Americas fall and destruction, if she didn’t repent, and now every hope of repentance seems lost, as America as a nation seems to totally disintegrate under the immense burden of her sin. The end of Mystery Babylon America will be a nuclear holocaust never seen before upon earth, and America as a nation will never rise again.

I have gathered a few testimonies about prophetic dreams and visions, given to God fearing men and women – some well known and others not so known to the public. I believe they all have been given prophetic insight to what soon is to come upon the whole earth, but the major downfall, is the downfall of America “Mystery Babylon!”

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