21 Days Fasting & Prayer for the Lost Souls of Babylon – USA, Israel, Europe and all the Western (former) Christian Countries ðŸ™ðŸ»

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I have felt the urge to fast and pray for a time now, and after listening to the latest prophetic word given by Byron Searle, I have decided to enter a 21 day fast for my family, my home country Norway 🇳🇴, for USA 🇺🇸, Israel 🇮🇱, Europe, and the rest of what used to be the Christian Western World. I believe this is the part of the world in which the Bible portrays as Mystery Babylon or Babylon the Great. Those with eyes to see, all realises that the fall of Babylon is imminent and that there is no turning back! Let us all come before God with humble hearts and sincerity and pray for the lost and for Gods Mercy to manifest in the midst of chaos and calamity!

Jesus is coming soon – Let’s make sure we are ready! 🙏🏻🙌🏻☝🏻

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