April 20 this year I participated on Marfoogle News, presenting John Moore’s article “No Need For Panic” from 2006, where he predicted a Corona-like Pandemic being fomented as a smoke screen to cover up a much more devastating event. Today, I would like to present som trustworthy intel, coming from reliable sources, allegedly from official … More INCOMING ASTEROIDS!


The RFID Chip is distraction. The real danger is much more sophisticated. The next waves, will take us deeper and deeper into tyranny, so in order to escape being lured into the “system”, you need to have a plan. The following videos will educate you. Do yourselves a favor – do not ignore these warnings. … More LOCKDOWN 2.0


Everyone seems to be waiting for the second wave, and only God knows how its going to play out. Several end time watchmen and handmaidens of God have been warning for years about a coming airborne ebola pandemic, and now there are several warnings about a coming plague with great impact. It’s going to create … More EBOLA-WARNING!