Shot in the Dark

Interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Daystar after several requests from their viewers. The information she gives about the so called vaccine is disturbing. Get informed and trust in God – not men!

The Digital Gulag aka The War Without Bullets

James Corbett, always providing waterproof evidence for his claims, has now been censored on plattforms like Patreon. He got his wakeup call way back in time, but a certain experience at the Japanese post office where he lives, really made it clear that what he calls “The Digital Gulag” is here to stay. If you’re … More The Digital Gulag aka The War Without Bullets


I would like to recommend this free issue of The Entangled Magazine for February 2021, and in particular the article called Mechanism of mRNA Transport in the Nucleus by Kathleen M. Urquhart. The author explains the motivation behind the article as follows: Anthony and I are frequently asked if this vaccine is “The Mark of … More GENETICALLY MARKED


I world like to give a shout out to the independent News Media Channel “The Last American Vagabond”. They have been covering the alleged pandemic with sincerity and diligence, and always backs upon their claims and research with indisputable facts. Here’s a handpicked number of their recent shows, mostly with great intel about how the … More COVID WON’T BE OVER FOR SEVEN YEARS


If you haven’t seen the documentary “IRON MOUNTAIN” yet, you are in for a treat. It’s chilling to the bone, as we who happens to be in the midst of the Covid-19 era, clearly can see how the world is moving towards Global Government at Warp Speed. Almost every target in the Iron Mountain Report … More IRON MOUNTAIN


May 10, 2020, I wrote a blogpost where I compared The Corona Pandemic to Adolph Hitlers Kristallnacht. Many of us have not forgotten Michael Pompeo’s quote; “You know, we are in a Live Exercise”, whereafter Donald Trump leans towards him, and whispers at the corner of his mouth; “You should have let us know!” Based … More THE AGE OF THE BEAST