NATO is beefing up their response team from 40.000 to 300.000, and Joe Biden promises to do whatever it takes to make Ukraine win the war against Russia. When all the leaders of the world prepare for war, war is what you are going to get. A British General recently said at the NATO Summit … More PREPARE FOR WAR!

Sweden and Finland: Tips of the Globalist Iceberg?

The applications tendered by Sweden and Finland to join NATO form a narrow point of focus that has transfixed the world’s attention. The applications are the latest attempts at a steadily-continuing encroachment over the past three decades, since the official dissolution of the Soviet Union back in 1992. Should Ukraine join NATO, it would serve as the … More Sweden and Finland: Tips of the Globalist Iceberg?

The First Chapter

Red pill – Blue pill It’s Wednesday morning, May 16, 2018. I’m in Hundborg, northwestern Denmark at a closed sports school that now serves as a Jesus Hub for longing souls from all corners of the globe. I attend Luke 10 Mission School, and along with the other students, I have just returned from a four day outreach in the world metropolis of Paris. I sit … More The First Chapter