Dreams and visions

In this segment, I will present some of Gods Watchmen and Watchwomen and some of their dreams and visions from the Lord. Some I hope you will find encouraging, but I have to warn you, that some of them might even be disturbing to watch, so I will encourage discretion while watching. So what is the purpose of these messages, you might think? To cause fear? The long answer to that question, you might find in David Pawsons teaching about Habakkuk. The short question is that the word of God provides a lot of frightening images and visions about the future, and it is given to prepare us mentally and spiritually for the fierce day’s ahead of us. In Gods presence, we have nothing to fear. Look at the encouraging stories from the book of Daniel. When confronted with dangers as the fiery furnace and the lions den, Daniel and his friends trusted in the Lord, and proclaimed – “wether we live or die, we belong to or Lord and Saviour.”

The Upgrade

This morning, when I spent time with the Lord, I got a vision that also could be felt physical. My heart started to vibrate and I could see it started glowing around the edges. Then suddenly an antenna erected from my heart, like a telescope-antenna, used for radio frequencies. It grew out of my heart, and stretched towards heaven, and after growing out of my site, it turned to a radio cable instead, going all the way up to heaven. And as this happened, I could see in front of me, a dark road ahead, and I knew there where military forces or police waiting for me down the road somewhere, but just as a GPS-display before my eyes, I could see an arrow pointing in the direction suggested by the Holy Spirit. Immediately I knew what it was all about, as I have read about it in a prophetic message from Jeff Byerly, last year, about a coming spiritual “upgrade”, where the Lord is strengthening the frequency, so it will be easier to hear His voice and know His will and directions for us in time of need. 

This was very encouraging and I am curious about what just happened. Was this experience the actual upgrade, or just a vision about something coming down the road? I am not sure, but I have received this message in faith, and I know there will be coming situations soon, where I can get it verified if this was an actual upgrade. 

Nevertheless, the times we are in, right now, is more than exciting. And we are in for some major shakings, down the road. 

Jesus is coming soon 👑

2016: “In three years you will see the upheaval of all nations!”

Ken Peters is a recognized prophet. He received this prophecy as a message in tongues on November 1, 2015, and delivered it in January 2016. It points to 2019, and is proven right. 2019 was the year of upheaval around the globe, with riots in Paris, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, Chile, Johannesburg; South Africa, USA, Indonesia, Iran, Lesbos; Greece, Harare; Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Jakarta, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, Russia, and more.
I believe this message is important to give attention too, as well as keeping your guard up. The Bible tell’s us that His sheep hears His voice, and if it is one thing I hear the Holy Spirit say’s to the Church right now, it is:
GET READY! Fill up your lamps with Holy Spirit Oil, and wait for the Bridegroom – Jesus is Coming Soon!

The Fiery Kickoff Event – Summary

Will New York experience another attack? Jeff Byerly has received several alarming visions from God, about a coming attack on New York City. According to the vision, this time it will be ten times worse than any previous attack. Watch the videos, and ask God to reveal to you, how you ought to respond to this warning. Revelations 18:4 say’s: Come out of her,my people, so that you will not share in her sins or contract any of her plagues.

I will recommend to watch all 5 reviews of the Fiery Kickoff Event here.

Byron Searle

Sudden Desolation https://byronsearle.blogspot.com/2019/10/sudden-desolation.html

The Coming Perfect Storm

In 2008, John Paul Jackson released a prophetic word and a call to prayer regarding events that would be happening over the next 10 or so years. I have watched this message over and over, and the number of things being fulfilled before our very eyes is staggering.

Henry Gruver: Russia to Nuke USA – Part 1

Henry Gruver: Russia to Nuke USA – Part 2

URGENT! The Destruction of America! – LatterRain333

Vision about World War III (Valdresprofetien)

This vision was seen by an old Norwegian lady in Valdres Norway, and was written down by the recognized pentecostal Evangelist and Preacher, Emanuel Minos in the sixties. He found the vision so radical, so he kept it in a locker for decades. Some day in the nineties he rediscovered it, and it has been publish in one of his last books. Almost everything in this old ladys vision have already been fulfilled. The only thing left to be seen, is the War.

Ken Peters – I saw the Tribulation

Ken Peters is a recognized and well known prophet with a track record of true prophecies. This is a Classic, and maybe one of the most important prophetic visions about the end times.

1937 Earthquake Dream

Warnings from Amos 3 and encouragements from Psalm 91

Jeff Byerly is one of my personal favorites among our present day watchmen. I will encourage the readers to check out his blog http://www.holyspiritwind.net he’s got an encouraging testimony. God uses whomever He wants, and many of the true prophetic voices of our time is just ordinary men and women of God.

The Bookends

Linda Hasche have become a personal friend, and a dear sister in Christ. When I went through my spiritual awakening to the prophetic word of God, and had made some disturbing discoveries, there were just not so many I could talk to, so I sent an email to Linda, and got a very welcoming response, and some kind advices. We still have some contact occasionally, and she is in a funny way, our family’s big sister in America. Her visions and messages is really not for the faint of heart. If you want to check out her ministry, see the links in her video’s description box. You are hereby warned!


Byron Searle is another everyday Christian, who started to receive dreams and visions from God, some years ago. His visions are powerful, with a strong emphasis on repentance and judgement. Many of the messages he have shared, has made a deep impact on my life, and I have brought it to God in prayer for His confirmation. I will urge everyone to bring all the things shared on this blog to God in prayer (even fasting). The Holy Spirit will reveal Gods word for those who seek Him honestly and with a pure heart. Ask God to shed His light upon you, to see if there should be hidden sins that you need to repent of. If you need to repent, you might also consider to ask some people for forgiveness, and make things right again if your sins have caused somebody pain or loss. God bless you in your search for Righteousness. May Gods Mercy be upon you!

A Modern Day Holocaust

Mathew 24 say’s there will come a tribulation like the world have never seen before in the end of this age. In my search for revelation about the end times, I felt an urge to study the Second World War Holocaust in order to understand the nature of the coming Holocaust, and extermination of us Christians. The Book of Revelations says 13:7 that Satan eventually will overcome the Saints. Just the thought about a coming persecution of the Christians, that will surpass the extinction of the Jews, is not a comforting thought, to put it mildly. It’s quite disturbing to be honest, and I must admit, that I have gone through many dark hours and day’s, and even months, when God step by step have revealed the true notion about this coming events. The only way to overcome theese dark hours is by the Blood of the Lamb, and the word of our testimony. -Revelations 12:10-12. Gwendolen Song have received a prophetic word about this great trouble, and have made a quite poetic video that connects the Holocaust with the coming persecution of the Saints. Take it to God in prayer, and ask God to show you what the enemy is doing to prepare the next Holocaust. As far as I can see, most of the preparations is already made, and I believe we’re only waiting for the next “Pearl Harbor” to kickstart the coming World War III.

Nazi Concentration Camps are secretly being prepared

Walmart, Jade Helm, Martial Law & Fema Camps. The truth about Walmart founder Sam Walton’s evil scheme is exposed by almighty God. This is a divine revelation from God, but if you make your own research, there is more than enough evidence to back it up. Most people will say it’s just a Conspiracy Theory, and ignore the warning. But if you study the Nazi Conspiracy, you will soon discover the same pattern.

Why didn’t the Jews stand up to Hitler?

1) The Jews of Europe were civilians, unarmed and untrained in combat. The Nazis brought a significant amount of military power to bear against the Jews.
2) The Nazis used a tactic of deception, right up to and including the last few minutes in the gas chambers, which were presented as showers. Very few people were aware of what the Nazis were perpetrating. What was happening was unprecedented and inconceivable even as it was going on. 3) The Nazis would punish any resistance with disproportionate retaliation. People hoped that they could avoid this by doing as they were told. https://www.answers.com/Q/Why_didn’t_the_Jews_stand_up_to_Hitler

Carl Sanders – The man who invented the RFID Microchip speaks out and tells the truth about the true purpose of the technology.

Dr. Carl Sanders helped design the RFID microchip. He was an engineer for over 30 years and now serves as a pastor using his anointing to announce to the nations the personal revelation given to him from Jesus about the MARK OF THE BEAST. He claims that it is here now and the LORD’s coming is imminent. He encourages people to get right with God because tomorrow may be too late!

AI, Genetic Modification, DNA Vaccines, Clones, Hybrids, The Mark of the Beast & more

This is important to pay attention too. The way technology is developing now is disturbing. You might trust in your own authorities will to protect your privacy and independence, but what if there was a war, and China with all their orwellian surveillance won that war? What then? Skeptical? Make a fast search on Elon Musk and Neuralink. The technology is here. Mans goal for this technology is illumination. Satans plan is extinction of the entire human race. His ultimate goal is to turn us all into hybrids. Why do you think Revelations 13 is totally categorical with regards to the Mark of the Beast? Only humans, aka Adams defendants will be able to enter the Kingdom of God. Humans that are taking the Mark of the Beast will alter their DNA and turn into cyborgs, and are no longer redeemable. Still skeptical? Make a serious research about body enhancement, body hacking, cyborgs, neural ink etc. I will post some more link about this subject, as I believe this is deceiving scheme of the devil, and most people will be caught off guard with eternal consequences… It is time to wake up, Church!

Look, now you are a cyborg!

The Norwegian Broadcasting Network visited the BDYHAX2019 convention, and after he had inserted a microchip into Corie Johnson’s hand, Jeffrey Tibbetts said to her: Now you’re a cyborg! Tibbetts believe every person eventually will become cyborgs in the future (The article is in norwegian).

Inside China

The Norwegian Broadcasting Network issued a documentary about how Chineese government is surveilling ethnic and religious groups, and putting them in so called “Education Camps.” Reveeling documentary about a surveillance programs, scheduled to go nation wide in Chine in 2020.


Deus ex machina – Giving Life Unto the Image of The Beast