Most of the Main Stream Media (MSM) is own by big corporations, and they all tell the same story. John, the Apostle have told us to come out of this world, if we want to be preserved in the will of God. 1. John 1:15-17.

The Apostle Paul also encouraged us not to take part in the dark deeds of this world, rather to expose them. Ephesians 5:11. So how do we expose them? I have found some great alternative news sources, that I find trustworthy and honest. There are not so many, for there’s a lot of deceiving news channels, made only to distract us from exposing the real darkness and their evil ways.

In this segment, I will present some of the news channels I follow on a regular basis, and whom I can recommend to others. Anyhow, I strongly urge you to test everything, and to follow your own consciousness, as you will find both disturbing and challenging stuff. Some of it might be perceived as a threat to ones faith in Jesus Christ, by some people. Therefor: Turn off the video if it makes you uncomfortable, and seek the Lord before you take it any further. Maybe you’re better off without some of the information? Be honest about it. At least to yourself and to God.

Always take everything to the Lord in prayer, and search the scripture for truth or confirmation. Though the devil is roaring, God is in total control!

The Last American Vagabond

Ryan Christian in TLAV is one of my favorite independent news journalists, along with Whitney Webb founder of Unlimited Hangout

This broadcast shows a press conference hosted by MEPs from the European Parliament in an extraordinary outspoken manner regarding the Green passes. Watch it!

We Are The Bride

Link to WATB.TV:

Insights on the Global Agenda!


The globalists has had an Agenda for decades that agenda includes disarmament and depopulation. Are we falling for the agenda?…………………

What will the Killing of General Soleimani lead to?

What will the Killing of General Soleimani lead to for the future of the United States and the World in General. To put it bluntly this is a major Chess Board move that is moving towards New World Order

U.K. stops all Fracking due to Earthquakes Concerns

Read the New York Times article here


48 hour Earthquake monitoring and forecast. Americans have for a long time raised concerns about Fracking due to Earthquake-risk. U.K. halting Fracking on English soil, should Sound the Alarm at the US West Coast!
Be informed and prepared with Earthquake-reports from Dutchinse!

Marfoogle News

Marfoogle News and Marfoogle TV have become one of my favorites. It’s a call in show, where they discuss the latest news or happenings on the world stage. Everyone may call in to share their opinion, and every perspective will be respected, wether it is left or right, pagan or christian or everything in between. Marfoogle News have more than once broke important news days and weeks before main stream media, and nobody understands why!

Israeli News Live

Steven Ben-DeNoon is a Sephardi Jew that have found Jesus Christ as His Saviour and true Messiah. He is a former CIA-agent, and is using his network and intelligence to update his listeners to what’s happening in Israel and on the global scene. He is revealing a lot of controversial stuff, but I have fund him to be a genuine seeker of truth, and a faithful servant of Jesus Christ. A great source if you want unbiased news.

This is a trailer to his book Yam Sto – Israel’s Final Exodus

Kaiser Report

Mostly financial news, but perceived as an independent thinking, and unafraid financial watchdog. Love it!

Sky News Australia

Sky News Australia always have great news reports that goes against the usual political correctness, wether it is gender roles, climate-alarmism or “safe zones”. Their bold and outspoken approach never stops surprising me!

Sky News host Andrew Bolt thinks “a revolution against… these sanctimonious finger-wagging enemies of free speech”, may be beginning.

Jeremiah Babe

Daily updates about the American economy, Wall Street and the global Stockmarket. Get “prayed up” and “prepped up” with Jeremy Babe!