Evil Forces at the End Time

“There is no more suitable place for the Antichrist to arrive, than the Charismatic movement, I mean it’s got everything he needs: It’s lawless, it’s undisciplined, it’s crazy about supernatural, it’s largely ignorant of scripture, it’s just waiting for the Antichrist!” – Derek Prince

This sermon by Derek Prince is laying a solid foundation for understanding the dark forces in play at the end of the age. Prince is by scripture, exposing the schemes of the anti-Christian spirit, and present/future enemies of God’s People. This teaching gives solid tools in how to discern evil spirits from the spirit of God, and how to expose darkness’s and corruption in high places.

The Spirit of Antichrist is already here! // The Great Falling Away!

Fundamental teaching about the Spirit of Antichrist.
If you’re offended by this message, thats’s really good news. Then you’re in position to do something about your spiritual condition. Seek God willingly. Let Him purify your heart, and let the Word of God influence you’r everyday life – your priorities, what you are watching, your language, you’r want’s and needs. Give Him you’r All. He gave His All for us!

The Second Coming of Christ

This interview with Bible Teacher David Pawson gives a fine introduction to biblical teaching about the “end times”, and what’s important to know about. The purpose of the Bibles teaching about what’s coming in the future, is all about making every Christian live godly and righteous today!

The Greatest Day in History!

David Wilkerson is a true watchman on the wall, an have given lots of warnings and prophetic messages during his faithful ministry to the Kingdom of God. This message is a great introduction to sincere, biblical teaching about The Coming of the Day of the Lord.

How to face the end times without fear!

Derek Prince provides excellent teaching and great revelation about the end times. I can highly recommend his youtube channel as a source of teaching about the times we are living in. Even hough his messages often was preached decades ago, many details from his teachings have become our everyday reality in a way that really makes me “pinch my arm.”

“Fierce times” lie ahead, but this analysis of Revelation chapters 1 to 7 will inspire confidence and courage to face the future.

Mark of the Beast & Seal of God

Take heed that you are not deceived!

This important message from Derek Prince, is maybe one of the most helpful teachings I have listened too the last couple of years. In this age of deception, it is imperative with sound biblical teachings about how to decern between true and false spirits and how to identify, and protect yourselves and your loved ones from deception and false teachings.

Habakkuk, part 1

It may be hard for many people to wake up to the reality that God is about to bring judgement to this world. If you are one of those, this teaching about Habakkuk may be of great comfort. The Prophet Habakkuk complained to God about the ungodly situation in Israel, with vile sinful acts and unrighteousness out in the open, and he said: God, why aren’t you doing anything? But I am, said God. I am raising up the Babylonians to punish you. Habakkuk panicked – No, you can’t do that! They’ll leave none alive! If you are curious about how the story ends, watch this great message!

Habakkuk, part 2

Though we are heading towards perilous times, with godly fear and a holy lifestyle, we can face times of trouble with worship on our lips.

I Will Shake All Things – part 1: The Nations

I hope you will enjoy this true classic about the end times, and the coming judgement upon this earth.

I Will Shake All Things – part 2: The Church

Unlocking the Bible – Isaiah, part 1

This teaching, is a great introduction to a better understanding of the prophetic side of the Bible. Watch it and be amazed!

Unlocking the Bible – Isaiah, part 2

The Book of Revelation

The New Testament consists of many letters, but most of them are written by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit. In the Book of Revelation, we find seven letters from our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. John, The Apostle received these letters, among many visions of the last of the last days of our age. David Pawson gives a prudent and honest presentation of the Book of Revelation, and what the Church should prepare for in the last days, before the Second Coming of Jesus. David Pawson urge every Christians to diligently read The Book of Revelation, and calls the book “A Handbook for Martyrs.” My advice: Study it! Take heed of the warnings, and prepare for the worst. A little comforting thought before you start: It’s not getting any worse than what you’ll find in Revelation chapter 6, ha-ha!. Let’s start!

The Book of Revelation – Talk 1

The Revelation Riddle

The Book of Revelation – Talk 2

The Ascended Lord

The Book of Revelation – Talk 3

Big Trouble

The Book of Revelation – Talk 4

The Fallen Prostitute

The Book of Revelation – Talk 5

The Last Millennium

The Book of Revelation – Talk 6

The Descending Bride

True Church / False Church, part 1

In order to understand what’s happening in the times we are living in, we need some basic tools, to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, or sound doctrine from false doctrine, if you like. This teaching from Derek Prince you might find most helpful, in your pursuit of a holy, God fearing walk with God. How do we identify the False Church, and how do we identify the True Church? To help you a bit forward, I can recommend two Bible passages: 1. Isaiah 14:12-15. 2. Philippians 2:5-11. Now it’s up to you to decide how to apply those passages in your search for the True Church.

True Church / False Church, part 2