The Mark of the Beast and the Power of the Holy Spirit


My Dear. Write down what I am about to say to you.

There comes a time, yes, it is now, when you will see miracles and signs that you have never seen before. The lame shall walk, the deaf will hear, and the blind will see again.

Did I not tell you that you should perform greater miracles than I have done?

As darkness descends upon the earth, I will pour out My Spirit upon all those who have filled their lamps with oil. You will serve the multitudes and give them what I have given you, and many will come to believe when they see the wonders you perform in My name.

Don’t be deceived by the spirit of this hour. Many will be tempted to follow the decrees of the authorities in the hope of creating security for themselves and their families, but it is a false hope, designed to trap you in a snare you will never get out of again. Did I not say to those who take the mark of the Beast that he or she is cursed away from My Kingdom forever? – Revelation 14:9-12  

Don’t put your trust in man. The governing forces of the earth seek to change your DNA and turn you into hybrids, and then you are no longer My creatures. Here is wisdom, as it says in My Word; reveal and expose the cunning plans of the wicked. Only Adam’s family can be saved, so it is so important that you do not let them fool you. – Revelation 13 

Fear not, for I am with you all the days until the end of the world! Isaiah 41:10  & Matthew 28:20 

Is it not better to end up in prison and suffer for a short while for My name’s sake than to burn forever with the devil and his fallen angels?

Don’t forget what I did to Paul and Silas when they were held captive for their faith – the whole prison shook and the prison guard and his whole family were saved.  Acts 16:16-40 

The end of all things is approaching, but before I come again to gather My Bride, you will see Me working amongst you with My Spirit in a way you have never seen before! Joel 2:38-32 & John 14:12 

Amidst the hardships and tribulations, you will see My Spirit manifested so strongly that even the most cold-hearted opponents of My cross will have to kneel down and acknowledge that I am the Son of God, and the only one who can save you from the coming wrath.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you to take the Mark of the Beast – because it will have eternal consequences!

Believe in God and Believe in Me!

Have I not told you that if you believe in Me, you will see the glory of God? John 11:40 

The time has come for the fulfillment of everything I have told you! Can’t you see it?

Lift your heads and watch, for your redemption draws near!  Luke 21:28 

I love you, My dear.

-Jesus Christ

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