Linda Hasche speaks (After 6 months of silence)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I just want to introduce to you a beloved sister in Christ, who have been silenced by the Lord for about seven months now. God told her to model the famine upon the land spoken of in Amos 8:11-12, where there will be a famine for the words of the Lord, but they shall seek the word of the Lord, but not find it. When a prophet suddenly speaks after more than half a year of silence – you better listen. I have waited for her to break the silence since October 2019, so I must admit I was rather excited to hear what she had to say… I was not surprised by the message… It is all about Gods care for all His children. He does not want any one to perish, but for all to have eternal life! Heed the message! Hear it over again till you get it, and share God’s mercy with others. Time is ticking, and soon there is no more time to make a decision…


Linda Hasche’s first message in 6 months

Linda Hasche’s last message before she went silent

Linda Hasche speaking the truth

More messages from Linda Hasche – after the six months of silence:

Word received on 11.11.2019

Spirit of Elijah dream

A sense of urgency

Where do the fearful go?

Martyrs and Zombies

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