The Invaders – Prophecy given by Byron Searle


U B Ready 11/23/2022

THE INVADERS Jeremiah 19:15

Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will bring upon this city and upon all her towns all the evil that I have pronounced against it, because they have hardened their necks, that they might not hear my words.

My son, many in My body have allowed in the INVADERS.  They have opened the doors and invited them in.  They come in all sizes and shapes, but be warned, they are here. 

Many have allowed men to INJECT (Covid vax) into MY TEMPLE (body) INVADERS that, when ACTIVATED, will cause massive mutations and death.  Those INVADERS are microscopic, and many in My body have not trusted in ME, but have trusted in man.  These NANOBOTS will be activated by Very Low Frequencies (VLF) transmitted through towers — a NEW Tower of Babel — transmitting a language that the INVADERS will recognize.  REPENT NOW if that is you.

My son, the other INVADERS will come into MY CHURCH and preach ANOTHER GOSPEL that will also mutate the body.  The LIES they TWIST will pollute the bodies of all those who hear and believe the lies.  They will twist My Word into a LIE.  They hold My children in bondage and lead them away from My truth, where there is freedom.  REPENT NOW.

My son, the other INVADERS will come through PORTALS that men have made.  These INVADERS are the worst, for they were once Mine.  These INVADERS are able to do all sorts of ILLUSIONS to draw My Bride away from Me.  They perform TRICKS that look like healings.  They will have all the ANSWERS to man’s questions.  They will create CURES — that once INJECTED — will change your being into theirs. 

BEWARE, My children, for ALL THREE OF THESE INVADERS are present now in your world.

My son, SHOUT REPENT to those who will hear.  Many of those already injected REJECT My True Word.  The INVADERS HAVE ALREADY BEGUN DESTROYING THE TEMPLE. 

REPENT NOW, My children, for the GREAT DECEPTION IS NOW UPON THE EARTH.  The INVADERS have arrived, and those who hear My voice and believe My Word and follow Me WILL BE SAVED during this INVASION. 

REPENT NOW, and seek Me with all your heart.  I love you, and I will BLOCK THE INVADERS. 


Lord Jesus

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