I wish I could shout it from the rooftops, but I am afraid only a few would listen. I strongly believe we are entering into a time where everything is going to change. The world is about to be thrown into chaos and peril, and I know I sound like a doomsday prophet, in which I am not, but I am willing to risk whatever I might have left of reputation if it may wake somebody up. The novel corona virus / Covid-19 have come to Europe, and have led to panic and empty shelves in Italy. There is a great possibility for the virus to grow into a full-blown pandemic, and go global. Personally, I believe it’s just a matter of time, and I believe that Covid-19 is only the beginning.

As a Christian, I study the Biblical warnings, and have experienced that God, by His Holy Spirit has been warning me and my family for more than a year now. You might find that hard to believe, but it is true, and we have been urged to prepare ourselves spiritually, as well as practically. And after the outbreak of Covid-19, we know why. If you do not stock up food and necessities in your apartment, how will you get food, if the government issue a quarantine like we see in China, or the shelves are empty as we see in Italy? We need to take this seriously! In USA the government prepare to shut down public schools and start teaching by Skype, in order to prevent the virus to spread. Many people think this is just another flu, but there are so many factors indicating that this is far more serious, but your won’t get the information you need via mainstream media. We have seen this pattern before. The reason that we named the “Spanish flu” after Spain, is because their mild media control during World War I, due to their neutrality. That made them break the news first, although the virus originated from American military camps, and came to Spain via France.

I would like to suggest alternative news channels like Marfoogle News for updates about the virus, but also Christian independent channels like TruNews and several Youtubers and bloggers. The best way to prepare for what is coming, is to prepare spiritually. Get right with God, and get your house in order!

Here are some bloggers and Youtubers that are covering the spiritual side of the ongoing, as well as coming events. We all read about how God warned Noah about the coming flood, and read this story to our kids at night. Why then is it so hard to believe that God is warning His elected children today – before His judgment hits this corrupted world? God warned our family, and we are Him forever grateful – see Hebrews 11:7. We have prepared, and are still preparing, and we know that when things really go sideways, we trust in God to be able to help others that didn’t have the same relationship to God as we have. Ezekiel 24:25-27.

Please educate yourself. Scroll through this blog, and see what you can find of spiritual and practical help, and do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Do not be afraid! Trust in God, and read Psalm 91 for comfort and guidance, but first of all: repent of all of your sins, and get right with God.

Please take a look at the warnings and updates from Jeff ByerlyFear Me and Nothing else & The Planned Ebola Epidemic, LatterRain333The Virus, Byron SearleAre You Ready? and Seho SongPROOF.

Stay Prayed up, Prepped up, and put on the Full Armor of God
God bless

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