The Wolf of Washington

Can we trust WHO?

Is the Corona virus just a pandemic, or is it something more?

Will the promised vaccine be mandatory – and how can we trust that it is safe?

As Christians, we have an obligation to speak the truth, and we also have a mandate to expose evil and the deeds of darkness (Ephesians 5:11-12).
As a citizen of a free and “independent” democracy, built upon the constitution of our Founding Fathers, I have observed with shock and awe, how constitutional rights around the globe has been obliterated, because of a pandemic, that historically speaking is rather modest in it’s impact. Is there more to this pathogen than what we are presented by our governments, and the WHO? Is this crisis being used by the people in power for a more sinister plan or agenda?

I have a lot of questions, and some of them, I guess will never be answered. To help us further on in our search for truth, let me introduce some voices, that brings reliable intel from the inside of (US) Government, as far up as to the White House.

Celeste Solum is a former FEMA and Homeland Security employee for 25 years and has been involved in events as Y2K, 911, Hurricane Cathrina and more. She left her position when she discovered plans that challenged and threatened to compromise her Christian Faith.

Dr. June Knight is a specialist on corporate communications, social media, corporations (ministry) media, and communication implementation. Dr. June has traveled all over the country praying for America and the church. In 2017, she went to Washington D.C. three times to prepare and conduct a national Christian march to declare that we are a Christian nation, and she has been a White House Correspondent. Dr. June is a bold Watchman on the Wall for the church and helps the  Bride in many ways to expose truth.

The Final Days – Sophie Scholl

This is the story about some courageous young students, who spoke out against the Nazi regime, and had to pay the ultimate prize. Watch this film with your loved ones, especially your children, and prepare them for what’s coming upon the whole earth. Revelation 3:8, 10-11

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