This video presents a prophetic message by Byron Searle. I believe it’s a very relevant, but also a very URGENT message, as we are heading fast forward into severe judgement upon both the unrepentant Church, but also the wickedness of this World.

Transcript of Byron Searle’s message HERE:

Seho Songs YouTube Channel

Things are speeding up at rampantly, and we are really entering a time like no other. Whether we like it or not. Whether we believe it or not, the Bible has warned us about times like these, where we are going to see events in Biblical proportions. Famine, pestilences, earthquakes, signs in the heavens, and war. If you are in doubt about all this, and need some confirmations, biblical support and even comfort (not the comfort as this world gives), I will add to this blog post, some End Time teaching, that you might find helpful.

Do not fall into the same trap as the scoffers and mockers we read about in 2. Peter 3:3-7, but educate yourself by the Word of God on this subject!

But before anything else – GET READY!

God Bless your soul!


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