Global War on Christians!

During The Second Persecution, Under Domitian, A.D. 81, all roman citizens had to burn incense to Caesar, and acknowledge the Emperor as God. Most people accepted this annual ritual in exchange for peace and safety the rest of the year, but there was one group of people who resisted – The Christians

The penalty for this “crime” was torture and death, and many Christians was cast to the lions at The Colosseum.

In this Day and Age, Christians should prepare themselves for being excluded from society, simply for refusing to accept the coming surveillance technology, related to the virus.

I can highly recommend this bold sermon by Senior Pastor Rev. Danny Jones from Northlake Baptist Church.

History repeats itself…
Once again, Christians of all nations will have to make a choice:

Hail Caesar or PRAISE JESUS?

The thumbnail picture is from the cover of the book: Global War on Christians

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