THE FALL GUY (Jeff Byerly)

This is a serious and heartfelt word from The Lord, given by Jeff Byerly 10.10.2020. The clock is ticking, and the world is moving faster towards total collapse of the worlds structures for each and every day, now. I hope you are prepared, and please do not say that God will send ravens to feed you, just because you are too lazy to prepare for famine. God see’s right through our hearts, and He knows our true intensions. If God has warned and warned for years now, and we don’t give heed to His warnings, how do you think He feels? How would you feel if your own children discarded every advice and warning you gave to them, and each time they got in trouble (for not listening to you), you had to come to their rescue. Maybe you would have thought that; wait a minute – I think I’ll teach them a lesson, and let them feel the consequences of their own choices. Maybe then they’ll listen.

I believe that’s just how God feels right now, and that when the judgements really starts to impact our daily lives, we just might have to wake up to the fact that we have been in disobedience, and shut our ears to both the word of God and to His watchmen and prophets.

I hope you give heed to this strong word given by Jeff Byerly, and take the warning. It’s about to get really bad, and I believe that it’s closer than we might think, though I dare not try to give any dates. Only God knows when everything kicks off, but our job is to be ready at all times.

I believe everyone of us have to make a choice. Do I really want to trust the Lord, or do I put my trust in man, or my own wisdom, and fall a victim for the evil ones, or Gods judgement and refinement?

It’s our choice. God only promised to protect the ones that put the blood on their doorpost, when the angel of death passed the Hebrew children. In the same way, God have only promised to protect the ones that are in Him. In Jesus Christ, walking in the Spirit, not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh.

Give heed to the warning ⚠️

Jesus is coming soon!

Link to transcript:

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