TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It

In 2006, public speaker, radio host, author and former member of the Green Berets, John Moore published the report “No Need To Panic”, where he describes a scenario that looks very much like the one we are seing playing out before our very eyes at this very moment.

  1. National I.D Cards. You will not be able to do much of anything without one (ID 2020?)
  2. Curfews and severe restrictions on travel
  3. Very likely curtailed sales for firearms, ammunition, alcohol and fuel
  4. Expect shortages of food products. Very possibly ration cards, or R.F.I.D. chips for basic food items. The possibility of an alleged terrorist event(s) is very real. There is a serious danger of a crisis like a Bird Flu being either created or exploited (made appear worse than it really is) to become the pretext for martial law. At Phase Three, the time to escape without a possible severe consequences (arrest, being shot for curfew or travel violations) has passed. It will be sometime during Phase Three that the powers that be plan on implementing their long-awaited New World Order or One World Government.

Looking at the world and how it has changed after March 13. 2020, it seems as Mr. John Moore was quite right in his predictions, was he not?

I have linked articles confirming several predictions for proof.

So, what do we do, if John Moore is right, and this is the real TEOTWAWKI? I suggest you study his advices and prepare, mentally, practically, but most of all, prepare spiritually.

God bless you and protect you!

I participated as a caller on Marfoogle News talking about John Moore’s report “No Need To Panic” – an awesome experience 😎

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